here is the first draft of the new flier for the event. I’m not sure if it will stay this way, but it is really nice to have something to give t people!

Hey everyone! We have had a busy last couple of days. We have begun getting together organizations for boothes and started to look for places with cheap rental rates. It is amazing to think the event is only 44 days away. It will come and pass so quickly.

We are very happy with the responce we have gotten from organizations we have visited (and by visited, walked in and suprised). They have all been very attentive and their willingness to provideus with the resources to aqcuire more people hasbeen heartwarming. Hopefully we all can benifit with this event.

During the next couple of days i will be finalizing an event poster, calling a couple more places for booths and putting more thoughts together for the speeches/intros i have to give. Luckily for me, I’m on summer vacation!

Before i go, i want to let you know we have two new memorials on this site. Please take time to remember Chris Lozano (https://rememberinghomicidevictims.wordpress.com/remembering-our-loved-ones/chris-lozano/) and Michael Scott Rogers (https://rememberinghomicidevictims.wordpress.com/remembering-our-loved-ones/michael-scott-rogers/).

Until i see you all again RHV fam, stay safe! We love you all and if you need to talk to someone there are close to 900 (wow) people on the site willing to listen.

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