Terri Lynn Winchell

526373_10151641502408512_1587635861_nThis was my beautiful 17 yr old daughter, Terri Lynn Winchell. She had just started dating a young man who we didn’t know was gay. He was handsome and from a wonderful Christian family. His Latino lover got jealous and, together with his cousin, who was a gang member, they abducted her and drove to a lonely vineyard.
In the car, his cousin tried to strangle her with his belt which she fought off and broke, he beat her head in 24 times with a claw hammer, stabbed her with a butcher knife around 25 times, and raped her as she was dying. They threw her out in the vineyard and ran over her with their car. He got the death penalty but his execution was called off because “he might feel some pain from the lethal injection!”
The boyfriend married 3 mos later and moved away. His gay lover got life w/out parole. But none of this will bring her back. I leave it all in God’s hands and wait for Him to give me the reasons why! 

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