RHV Walls

Something we started on the RHV facebook page is a wall of photos of loved ones taken by violnet crimes. After a bit of time we have run out of space on Facebook and are going to house the archives of the RHV walls here. What we encourage you to do is fine the page your loved one’s photo is on and write their name down.


6 responses to “RHV Walls

  1. My only son, Only child was murdered on 11/10/12. i am hoping to include his beautiful photo on the RHV wall. wht is the process please. He was a talented musician, loving son, he’d give the shirt off his back to help others. a very speacial man with many dreams he was working on… my RU

  2. Lost our daughter, Alexis, 9-9-11 to a 6 time convicted drunk driver when he crossed the center line committing his 7th. Her boyfriend Chris was also killed. They were students at Wayne State College in Nebraska, ages 18 and 20. How do we get their photo on the wall?

  3. I don’t know for a fact whether or not my daughter’s picture is on one of the walls. My oldest daughter, Jennifer Smith-Yancey, was murdered on June 14, 2012 by her husband, Ron Engelbrecht. The police know he did it, he tells multiple stories, it’s an open homicide but they have not arrested him. We have lost any confidence in the local authorities here as they feel they can’t “prove” he did it. For too long, they seemed to be arguing for any other reason for my daughter’s death but she had been threatened by him, abused and my grandchildren were also abused verbally and physically. She was in process of getting a restraining order only days before he killed her. After he killed her, he threatened to kill at least 2 of her friends, after blaming them for her death. (It was one of the 4 stories he’s telling) We are frustrated and angry with the lack of justice. We pray for him to just go into the sheriff’s office and confess so we can have the justice and peace we deserve, her children deserve.

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