Nathan Collin Leon

553970_10200467904043618_2644600_nThis is my husband Nathan Collin Leon. He was murdered by a monster named Evan Ebel on 3 -17-2013.
He was 27 years old and  working two jobs to support his family. On Sundays he worked eight hours at Domino’s pizza in Denver, Co. He was kidnapped, thrown in the back of a trunk and drove to Golden, CO where he was taken out and shot to death and left out in a field like a piece of trash.
All for his Domino’s uniform.
The monster that murdered my husband was released from prison four years early from a ” clerical error.” He cut off his home monitor days before my husband was murdered and his Parole officer didn’t even check in on him when the temper alarm went off. Two days later the monster Evan Ebel used my husband’s uniform to pose as a pizza delivery man to go to the DOC director Tom Clements house and shoot him to death at his front door.
Two days after that he was found in Texas where he was pulled over and shot a officer twice and drove off going 100 mph down the road shooting at the officers as they drove by. He was hit by a truck and got out of the car and had a shootout with the police and was eventually shot in the head.
He died later that day.
It took 5 days for anyone to go to Evan Ebels house to check on him once he cut his home monitor off. Released four years too early and nobody thought to check on him once it was cut off. He was a member of a gang called the “2-eleven,” a white supremacist gang. My husband would still be here if someone would have went over the paper work and saw that he was supposed to run his sentence consecutively instead he was released as time served concurrently.
My husband leaves behind three daughters a six-year old and our four-year old twin daughters I am a 31 year old widow that has to face everyday knowing my husband would still be here if someone would have done their job. I miss him Deeply and our daughters are left without their daddy. He was the love of my life, my best friend, my soulmate.
He was the most loving father and husband. He was taken from us to soon 

2 responses to “Nathan Collin Leon

  1. This beautiful man was my son-in-law and so loved by everyone. I honestly don’t think there is a person anywhere who didn’t like him……he was so accepting of all and cared for everyone he met. He was the most amazing Daddy there could ever be.He always came home from work and played with his little girls. He was the love of my daughter Katies life……and they truly were the best of friends. Each of them allowed the other to be themselves, asking for no changes in the other, and just enjoyed being together. It was amazing to watch this…….and I am blessed to have had him in my life and I miss him so much. And watching the agony and pain in my daughter and granddaughters faces is almost more than I can bear some days. He was only 27 years old when he was murdered and he loved and lived life to the fullest. We lost am amazing person and the hole in our hearts will never be filled. RIP my sweet Nate….and fly with the angels for that is what you have become!

  2. You know I love you Katie and family.. And Bernadette my friend what wonderful mother you are and I know how hard this is for you.. When our kids hurt we would do anything to take that pain away but how do you take this pain from Katie and the twins.. I pray ever day for you and now I pray for all homicide victims.. They truly are our Angels and I learned this can happen to anyone.. I love you all so much Karen

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