Melanie Marie Victoria

Melanie Marie Victoria may have lived only seven months on this Earth, but her memory will live on for a longer time because of the efforts of her Grandmother Vicki Kruger.

Kruger has taken to Facebook to tell her Granddaughter’s story. Melanie was suffocated by her Mother’s boyfriend while the mother was on a job interview. The boyfriend would later call the child “spoiled” and say he was “’Jealous’ of her being with the mother,” according to an area news story.

“Melanie’s Rescue” is a Facebook page devoted to spreading child safety awareness, offering solutions to empower positive changes in families and communities.

“We hurt so bad that we are not sure we can take another breath,” Kruger wrote. She recalled her granddaughter as someone who loved Animals, Winnie the Pooh and had a beautiful smile.

“She just loved freely and smiled freely.”

The trial for Melanie’s case has been reset for 5/15/2012. The family asks you go to and offer your support.


7 responses to “Melanie Marie Victoria

  1. Thanks to Remembering Homicide Victims for the remembrance post for Melanie. We love and miss her so much. Please share Melanie’s Rescue phone #, (512) 796-0326, in case someone needs help coping.

    • Also, these are the convictions that Melanie’s Monster, Johnny Gabriel Castro is now serving at the TDCJ Allred Unit:

      Johnny G. Castro was convicted on three charges.

      Capital Murder – GUILTY – Life with no parole.

      Felony Murder – GUILTY – 60 years.

      Injury to a child – GUILTY – 60 years.

      We are extremely thankful for the detectives and the prosecution team that fought to the end for Melanie.

  2. My heart hurt as I read your memorial. I too am a grandmother who lost a grandchild to a mother’s boyfriend. I will be sharing my story today with RHV. My heart goes out to you and your family. Melanie was a beautiful little baby girl. Such a happy little face. If you need to chat, know that I am here for you. I will be visiting Melanie’s Rescue page here when I finish this email. Thank you for sharing your little one’s story. God Bless.

    ~Rachel Rodriguez~

  3. I was so glad to hear that justice was done in that case. Baby murderers deserve to be behind bars forever.

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