Mical Lee Culpepper

My oldest son, Mical Lee Culpepper, was murdered on May 5, 2012. He was killed near Truth or Consequences and then his “friend” since grade school burnt down the building where he was finally found on 5/10/2012.

His “alleged” murderer, Willie Garcia, Jr. is being held in Sierra County. The next hearing will be the preliminary hearing in district court in Truth or Consequences on Aug. 15, 2012.

Mical would have turned 28 on May 26 if his “homie” hadn’t taken his life. The major media has completely ignored my son’s murder, only one of the two small town papers; the Herald of Truth or Consequences, has followed the story. While their reporter does a great job, it is extremely disappointing that this horrific story is being ignored in the rest of our state. Although, it may be for the best, the story of his and his wife’s arrest made all the state news in February of this year and the press could be making our lives a living hell.

He left behind his wife of five years and three young sons aged: eight, four and one. They will be moving in with me in the next few weeks. I live in Las Cruces. There is a grief counselor from OMI that comes once a month but no local resource guide for families of victims in our area. I saw your group on the news this weekend, it was sad to see so many variations of the same t-shirt our family now wears.


– Synthea Simonson


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