RHV Wall 2

wall 2

Comment and tell us about your loved one!


6 responses to “RHV Wall 2

  1. Love this, thank you, thank you, thank you!! I spotted our daughter right away, oh this is so awesome for all of us that are going through such a loss!!! Our daughter, Sarah Louise Maxwell Montemayor -10/19/82-09/28/2012 and a friend were murdered by her estranged husband, She was pregnant (5-8 weeks), oh how we miss her so much! She was the most amazing daughter, mom, wife, aunt, cousin, and friend. We miss her desperately!!!!!

  2. My grandson was murdered on April 29,2009 who name was Andre Marquis Lewis he was killed a day after his birthday. Then also my only son was murdered on July 13, 2011 and his name was Cedric Dwayne Lewis.

  3. (4th Row, 7th from the right side) My daughter Tori age 22 and grandson Dean 10 months were murdered on July 26, 2006. They are the loves of my life; Always and Forever

  4. this is sincerely and extremely overwhemling to me as a very sad reminder that yes, domestic violence does happen and i cry out to our heavenly with tears for justice for these victims. the pain and the suffering that they and their loved ones that are left behind to have to live with this everyday for the rest of their lives. i pray for each and everyone that God sends out an angel to comfort you.

  5. my grandaughter was killed by a guy who was on drugs and driveing at a high rate of speed and recklessly on a gravel road with her begging him to stop .she was heard screaming at him but he wouldnt stop. he flipped the car in white river,where him and his buddy got out but failed to get her out.that was the worst night of my life going there and seeing them pull the car out with my little grandaughter still inside drowned. it was just before her 17th birthday. she was so looking forward to being 18 this year so she could take a road trip. but this guy took her life before she had even begun to live. what a waste of life . I love you Brooke and miss you every day ,

  6. Thank u for letting me b apart of this I love that my uncle and bro are on the same row love and prayers to every face on heres loves ones they all are missed and loved

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