Anthony Juarez

Anthony Rey Juarez was a man of many interests and with the gift of a sense of humor says his mother Teresa Juarez.

Anthony was taken from Earth July 9, 2008. He was shot four times, three in the back, once in the face, outside of Isleta Casino according to his mother. Teresa would go further into the situation, ending the story with “I can hardly say his name without crying.”

Anthony was riding in a car with two women on the night of his murder. After dropping one of the women off, Anthony and the second woman found they were being chased and shot at – by a car being driven by the second woman’s ex. The first woman told them where they were.

Teresa said the woman driving her son made an attempt to drive to Teresa’s house, but she was blocked by the driver chasing them. In an effort to flee the pursuit, the woman continued to drive while Anthony stayed on the line with 911, according to Teresa. The 911 call was not released to the family by the Isleta Tribal Governor. They would deny having it while the state would later confirm that it was in the Isleta’s possession to the family, according to Teresa.

The chase covered Los Lunas, Peralta, Bosque Farms, Isleta and Albuquerque, until it ended in the Isleta Casino parking lot. The Officers did not help the two. Teresa said they would later make statements saying “they did not interfere because they did not know who the bad guy was. At this point the two would leave the car and Anthony would get woman number two to safety. Being the target, Anthony would run until he found more Officers, said Teresa. He would run until he found Isleta Police Units. They, however, would prove to be no assistance; they got into their cars and left when they were fraught with the situation, according to Teresa. At this point Anthony’s life would end to the gunfire and would be abused by extra kicking to the skull while he was on the ground, said his mother.

Teresa said the girls were the daughters of a local judge, a tribal judge, a deputy sheriff and the 13th Judicial District County Clerk. Anthony’s property was given to the Deputy Sheriff who proceeded to erase the call log and then gave it to the County Clerk, who gave it to the daughter Anthony saved. The daughter would give the phone back to the family shortly thereafter, said Teresa.

Teresa called her son brave and said he had a respect for all women.

“I brought him up as a gentleman and sometimes I feel it got him killed.”

Anthony loved the Raiders, Nascar and Wrestling according to Teresa. His prized possession was his show truck, which won first place at the Hard Rock Casino Car Show for Low Rider Trucks. Teresa said Anthony loved all women because they “were important in God’s eye because they could bear children.

“He always made me laugh. He was/is my sunshine. I called him Sonny.”

Anthony was murdered a little more than a month after his 20th birthday.


14 responses to “Anthony Juarez

    • my heart goes out to you Teresa and your family for the senseless loss of your son. I too lost my only son and i know the pain and heartache you feel every day. May justice be harsh and swift for the ones involved, And may your son’s precious memory live on through you.

  1. Remembering Homicide Victims gives us a place where it’s okay to hurt as we all hurt together. Thank you Nick Christian !!

  2. Anthony Juarez was my Grand-Son. Tone’ was a ray of sunshine in the family, there never was a dull moment around him since the day he was born. I remember when his papa George brought him to visit in New Mexico, they came by train. Tone was about 3 or 4 at the time, he made friends all the way and gave his papa a run for his money going from car to car, crawling under the seats, sampling all the goodies he could find and finding escape routes to hide and and hollering “papa I’m here”. People were helping him hide and winking when papa was close. At their destination Albuquerque everyone in the train remembered the little red-headed boy with the infectious laugh and winning smile, they called him by name and hugged him as he passed by. Tone was known by so many, loved by all and respected for his values and principles. I will never stop missing him. Till we meet again, Tone’, I know you and your Papa are waiting, I love you…….Nana…….

  3. Thinking of you and your handsome son, sending loving prayers, may karma catch up to all involved ! I am so sorry for your loss…

  4. Ur son is a hero…I try to teach my son the same way to treat a woman with respect and honor as u did….I hope u find peace.

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