Deborah J. Marchese

The following is from one of our RHV Likers, Heather Coleman. She has created a page dedicated to her Mother, Deborah J. Marchese. The following was written by Coleman and she also posted an Associated Press article about her mother.


It was 1985 the year she was killed. I was 3 1/2, she was 22. Her home was set on fire. She was with a man named Randall Lehman Probst at the time. He made it out with minor burns, not once but twice. She was found by the door, curled up trying to cover her face, never making it out once. The fire was ruled “accidental”, until three years later. Randall attacked his girlfriend, and repeatedly stabbed her, leaving her for dead. When police were investigating her attack, they found out that Randy admitted to setting the fire that killed my mother 3 years prior. He was charged with Arson and Murder in 1989. In 1990, the prosecution, Atty Brett O. Feese decided to “Nolle Proseque”, and almost 27 years later no further investigation has been done. I’ve been told “lack of evidence” “loss of evidence” and everything in between. Please share this page with friends, and spread the word that this case WILL be REOPENED. I don’t care, CNN, NBC, A&E, whatever it takes to get the word out and have her murder solved…..share share share!! If you know ANY information, please, please contact the Lycoming County District Attorney’s Office Detective Maines PH 570*327*2456


The investigation • of a Lycoming County man’s knifing attack on his girlfriend has led to charges he killed another girlfriend in a fire three years ago. Randall L. Probst Sr., 36, was charged Thursday with setting the fire that lulled Deborah J. Marchese in her Armstrong Township mobile home in May 1985. Evidence against Probst in -the Marchese death came to the attention of Williamsport police Detective William Dalton and Lt. Phillip Preziosi during their investigation of the knifing case, District Attorney Brett O. Feese said. State police Fire Marshal Woodrow W. Shaner then reopened the investigation begun in 1985 by another fire marshal, Trooper James DeVore. Probst suffered serious burns in the fire, but an affidavit filed by Shaner alleges he was injured “because he fell asleep after starting the fire.” Probst reacted in shock Thursday when escorted by Shaner and other state police personnel to the Old Lycoming Township office of District Justice James H. Sortman for arraignment. “Charging who?” he asked as William Miele, chief county public defender, tried to explain. “I tried to get her out of there,” Probst said to the attorney. But in the* affidavit, Probst is quoted as telling one woman, “I don’t know if you’re going to be able to handle this or not. It’s real cruel and hard-hearted and it don’t bother me. The fire I was in where Debbie burned up, I did that.

He ADMITTED he set the fire…the prosecutors believe he only said it to scare other women….


2 responses to “Deborah J. Marchese

  1. This man is a sociopath/psychopath! He needs to be back in prison………away from society! There’s no rehabilitating him!

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