Remembering our loved ones

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11 responses to “Remembering our loved ones

  1. My Husband: Ofo Hytongue
    was tragically murdered on the 27th of March 1993 at Wainuiomata, Wellington ,New Zealand aged 27 years

    Ofo was a much loved husband, father, step-father, son,brother, grand-son, nephew, cousin and friend to many, he is very much missed by his family in New Zealand, Australia, Hawaii and Western Samoa.

    We had one son together: Daniel Wesley Luke Hytongue who is now 20 years old.

    May He Rest in Peace, Forever loved and Forever Missed.

    • My condolences to you and your family. I too have loss someone i loved dearly, my son robert raymond on july7,2000 He was murdered and i know the feeling of that loss. May your husband rest in sweet paradise.

  2. It was 1985 the year she was killed. I was 3 1/2, she was 22. Her home was set on fire. She was with a man named Randall Lehman Probst at the time. He made it out with minor burns, not once but twice. She was found by the door, curled up trying to cover her face, never making it out once. The fire was ruled “accidental”, until three years later. Randall attacked his girlfriend, and repeatedly stabbed her, leaving her for dead. When police were investigating her attack, they found out that Randy admitted to setting the fire that killed my mother 3 years prior. He was charged with Arson and Murder in 1989. In 1990, the prosecution, Atty Brett O. Feese decided to “Nolle Proseque”, and almost 27 years later no further investigation has been done. I’ve been told “lack of evidence” “loss of evidence” and everything in between. Please share this page with friends, and spread the word that this case WILL be REOPENED. I don’t care, CNN, NBC, A&E, whatever it takes to get the word out and have her murder solved…..share share share!! If you know ANY information, please, please contact the Lycoming County District Attorney’s Office
    Detective Maines
    PH 570*327*2456


    The investigation • of a Lycoming
    County man’s knifing attack on his
    girlfriend has led to charges he
    killed another girlfriend in a fire
    three years ago.
    Randall L. Probst Sr., 36, was
    charged Thursday with setting the
    fire that lulled Deborah J. Marchese
    in her Armstrong Township mobile
    home in May 1985.
    Evidence against Probst in -the
    Marchese death came to the attention
    of Williamsport police Detective
    William Dalton and Lt. Phillip Preziosi
    during their investigation of the
    knifing case, District Attorney Brett
    O. Feese said.
    State police Fire Marshal Woodrow
    W. Shaner then reopened the
    investigation begun in 1985 by another
    fire marshal, Trooper James
    Probst suffered serious burns in
    the fire, but an affidavit filed by
    Shaner alleges he was injured “because
    he fell asleep after starting
    the fire.”
    Probst reacted in shock Thursday
    when escorted by Shaner and other
    state police personnel to the Old
    Lycoming Township office of District
    Justice James H. Sortman for
    “Charging who?” he asked as
    William Miele, chief county public
    defender, tried to explain.
    “I tried to get her out of there,”
    Probst said to the attorney.
    But in the* affidavit, Probst is
    quoted as telling one woman, “I
    don’t know if you’re going to be able
    to handle this or not. It’s real cruel and hard-hearted and it don’t bother me. The fire I was in where Debbie burned up, I did that.

    He ADMITTED he set the fire…the prosecutors believe he only said it to scare other women….

  3. Well, I thought I’d take some time to share my mama’s story….

    In 1998 I was only 12 years old. My siblings and I lived with our grandparents…. That being said, my mother would always come see us at least once a week. She always called, and even though she was struggling, she would spend her last penny on us. On Halloween 1998, my mom came and took my little brothers trick or treating. She brought my brothers home and we never saw her again. We knew something was wrong when we hadn’t heard from her or seen her for a couple weeks. She would often stay with my uncle and he hadn’t seen her either. We began posting missing posters all over town. My dad, grandma, and cousins would drive all over Albuquerque, asking anyone my mom knew if they had seen her. My mother’s body was found on Christmas Day 1998. She was found in a ditch at Tingley Beach by 2 little boys riding their bikes. She had been dead for some time. The murderer severed my mother’s hands in an attempt to prevent her from being identified.

    MY MOTHERS MURDER IS STILL UNSOLVED. I pray everyday that we will have some answers. I miss my mom so much. Especially now that I am grown and have a child of my own. Maybe someday we’ll have some justice.

    Stephanie Lynne Sanchez-Chavez
    6/20/64 – 12/25/98

  4. My 21 year old sister- Viviana Tulli- was murdered on Aug. 30, 2010– our mother’s 60th birthday— She was strangled and suffocated by her ex boyfriend who had been granted an early parole release, placed in a halfway home,, and had escaped….

    I struggle with her death daily. She wasn’t just my baby sister., she was also my child…. I was her “surrogate mother”….

    I had written my feelings down and had gotten it published locally—-

    My phone is vibrating. Earlier that day I had wished my mom a happy birthday and it seemed to be a good morning. As the hours passed, a feeling of uneasiness crept over me. Something isn’t right, I thought to myself. I want to go home. Hours passed and my cell is non stop. Why is my mom calling me? I’m at work and not supposed to have my cell on, but…, let me see what the birthday lady wants. “have you spoken to your sister today?” no Mami. Why? “the police called your father and want us all to go to police station. Something happened to Vivi”. I finally get driven to the police station- fighting back tears. This is not happening. I meet with the officer’s. They start asking questions. All I can stammer out is ” is she alive”. Once I give a description of her and all her tattoos, my heart broke. “your sister was in an accident. She has died.”. From the car accident? “no, she was killed”. It was David! He did it. And this is where our lives have changed.

    I felt like I had been kicked, stabbed, thrown into a fire. How could this be? He escaped the halfway house? As details emerged, my stomach knotted, my eyes filled with tears and this cry came out. So primal and raw. I ran out of the room i was in, started punching walls, ripping paper to shreds. Found my parents and hugged my mom. Of all days, it had to be her birthday. This animal.,,, this… No body, played god and took something no one could ever replace.
    Finally make my way outside, light a cigarette and just collapsed on the sidewalk. Drive home a few blocks, the police cruiser is still parked there…… Shortly thereafter, our first reporter comes up. I immediately spot him and tell him to take a hike. His response ” I just want a story”. My brother and I, our quick witted response ” here’s a story, reporter gets his ass kicked”. That’s right fucker, move it along.
    News has now spread. My phone is non. Stop. Texts, calls, Facebook messages….. Having to reply “yes, it’s true. My sister had been murdered “. The pieces of that day and week are still foggy 8 months later. Between the raw emotion and the tequila I was chugging from the bottle, my memory is still clouded.
    A lot of people wound up at my house that first night. I know from stories that I was quite the s**t talker. I was beyond drunk. The reality I was so desperately trying to hide and avoid — I just lost it.
    The next day, I went to the morgue. I was still in disbelief and in my head, I NEEDED to see her. I thought it would provide some closure. No. Closure was not provided. Instead, the image haunts me. I rememer banging on the glass partition. “vivi. Vivi. Vivi!!! WAKE UP. Stop f******g around Vivi. It’s not funny. Please. Please wake up. Please. Tears are falling, I’m still banging on the glass. There she lays, shrouded in a white blanket. Her face, pale, bruised and swollen from the beating he administered to her. This is where the bargaining begins. “god, please. Bring her back. I’ll trade places. Take me. Not her. Please not her. Take my legs, take my arms. Make me blind. Please. Just bring her back. Sadly, these negotiations, didn’t work. Since god wasn’t hearing me, maybe the devil will help out. Offered him my soul for her…. He didn’t want it.
    Back home, more alcohol goes down my throat— along with whatever else was presented in front of me. “make me numb” I cry as I chug from the Patron bottle. This can’t be happening…
    You read these stories in the newspaper and never think such a horrible thing can happen. It does!
    Hindsight kicks in. As I slowly scroll through my memories, conversations I’ve had with Vivi…,, I knew this day would come. Didn’t think it would the way it did though- but I KNEW Vivi wasn’t long for this earth. A gut feeling. Intuition. Just like i knew something wasn’t right on my mom’s birthday. Maybe if I had stayed home from work that day…maybe if i had gone out with her tht night.., maybe if I…,,,, the guilt eats at me. The what if’s…
    How is it possible a person-an inmate- is in a hospital with a chaperone, guard, whatever… leaves?? so many unanswered questions.. The bottom line, the people who are supposed to be protecting us fucked up.. Now this presents a challenge for me.. The people who are here to protect and serve are now working on my sister’s murder case.. I have mixed emotions about it. distrusting, yet grateful.
    It’s funny, you watch a crime show and it’s all wrapped up quite quickly..I mean, what exactly is the delay in all this.. 2 people are in a car. 1 of them winds up dead, the other attempts suicide.. really not that hard to figure out.. even a child can quickly sum up the facts.. yet, here we are. awaiting a murder trial with jury..
    Great, we get to rehash all the facts.. I’ll hear David again say “not guilty” NOT GUILTY.. not guilty was his response at his arraignment.. f*****g coward.. shielding his face from all of us.. Why you hiding David? because Vivi got a few shots in,, you embarrassed tough guy??
    If looks could kill, I along with others would have struck him down.. I know he heard me yell out in court as he was being led away in handcuffs, ” I HATE YOU DAVID” Vivi and I sound alike, so him hearing that,, knowing it wasn’t her.. makes me just a teeny bit happy.. at the same time, I’m disgusted with the chain of events. The whole “dropping the ball.” I still do not understand how he was released early. I still wonder how the parole board looked over his docket, showing his previous assault on officers, his prevous threaten to kill charges, his violoations while being incarcerated and still said, Yes, this man can go on to a halfway house. Seriously dude?? for real? no bull shit??? wow. im amazed.. Tell me, where is this “justice” oh i’m gonna get it when a JURY convicts him.. thanks.. not bringing my sister back.. nothing will, but fu** if it doesnt hurt.. What can I do to right this wrong?? I cant’ take it out on his family or friends, not their fault David is a piece of shit, but i want them to feel that pain my mother feels. I want someone to wake up at 3am bawling their eyes out because they just had a dream of their beloved little sister laughing and wake up and realize it was only a dream.. No more birthdays to celebrate with her, no more holidays.. vivi isnt’ waiting for me on the front steps ready to take a ride with me. no more shopping with my lil sis. it’s all gone..
    Our love for her will always be there, but now all we have is our memories… the good, the bad, the funny..
    I lost a part of myself that day… fun loving, free spirited Stella, has now gone away. and this older, stronger, wiser Stella stepped up.. I miss my old me.. I miss the old us..
    i especially miss Vivi the most.. Lil MIss Tulli cant be replaced and she shouldn’t. She is definately one of a kind.

  5. My father micheal watkins was murdered on dec.8 2009 on his 53 birthday.
    He is missed by so many
    There are no leads to find out who done this to my dad
    I hurt everyday wondering why someone took a great man out of world

  6. I’m going to tell my story of my brother’s murder.

    On Feb. 10th 2012 my only baby brother was murdered. He had been shot at 9 times at point blank, six of those bullets hitting, he had gotten into an disagreement with a girl he’d only been dating for 3 days, over and song on the radio, so he left her house, and a couple minutes later he called her cell, asking if he could come back and talk to her, one of the guys she had at her house answered he cell, and told my brother he could come back and talk to her, when he arrived at her house, the guy came out, never leaving him in the house to talk to her, and him and my brother go into a fight, the guys best friend had then come out shortly after with a gun that he’d been carrying around that night, the suspect pointed at my brother, shot him in the arm, my brother then feel to the ground, and the suspect took 5 more shots at him as he laid there on the ground, the suspect was caught several hours later, and was sent to jail without bail. Had a very odd morning the morning of Feb. 10th and I thought maybe it was because of the 6 months death of my mom, and I could not sleep, I finally laid down and my cell phone vibrated, and it was my youngest sister, my hands started shaking when I noticed it was her because I always worried if something happened when I get calls that early in the morning, so when she picked up she said her butt must have dialed my number, so I laid back down and 15-20 minutes later my phone vibrated again, I didn’t answer because I just thought she dialed my number again by accident, after my phone stopped I heard my husbands phone go off, he answered it and it was my other sister, I then knew something was wrong, and I had this feeling it was my brother, he hung up and looked at me and told me my brother had been shot. I thought, okay, he just caught a bullet in the arm or the leg, and he was at the hospital…. NOPE! My husband had come downstairs where I had been on the phone with my Aunt, and he said he was dead, it was then when my body went numb and hit the floor, where I was screaming and crying, but it was one of those no tears crying, he then took me down to my Aunts where my sister’s were, when I got there I was vomiting, hyperventilating, and have anxiety and panic attacks, after not settling down, my Uncle took me in to the ER, where they did tests and kept a watch on me for a while, they released me and sent me home with anxiety medication, and a few days later I went to see a Psychologist, and I was diagnosed with PTSD and they put me on depression medication along with my anxiety medication, it is a morning I will NEVER forget! I got involved with Years of Tears, a non profit organization here in Berks County of Pa, to help other victims and their families. It will be 5 months of his murder on July 10th and I many people tell me I should move on and not dwell, it’s easier said then done, those people don’t realize that this is a nightmare that I may not wake up from for a long, long time, especially since there are hearings and trials. I do know one things for sure, and that I will be my brothers voice, from here on out!

  7. Helen was the kind of person that would have given you her last dollar, and she did many times. She and Brittany both had an awesome sense of humor. People loved to be around them. The two of them were joined at the hip, ironically, they died together. They were both the kind of people anyone could talk to. Helen did a lot of counseling, and she was born to do so. If she wasn’t counseling at work, she was counseling at home, with all of her heart I might add. They were both so loved and still missed by so many people nearly 3 years later. I could go on and on. Helen wasn’t just my daughter, she was my best friend., and Brittany… well, she and I had a very special bond as well. Helen used to say “Momma, we are all alike, we just seem to get stronger with each generation”. She was so right. Love and miss you my angels with all my heart.

  8. My beloved son,Danny Watson Jr and his childhood sweetheart,Dawn Thornton were murdered on April 25 2004 in their first home they had bought.Their little boys found them the next day.All he was ever guilty of was loving life and starting a new one after a bitter divorce.We love and miss you so much son.Your dad and little brother are still drag racing in your memory.Holidays are coming up and it hurts so so much to have that vacate seat at the table but I know you sit at the table with Jesus now.It took a long time for me to be comforted by that.I am just getting the feeling of that a little better.I had asked God;”Where were you when our son was taken?”And He replied;”The same place when Mine was.”There are so many days I just can’t get get my heart and soul started.But we are getting there too.Your kids are doing fine.Love and miss you so so much baby boy,Mom,Dad and your little brother Jody.

  9. We are coming up on the 1 year anniversary of the murder of my eldest daughter, Jennifer Lynne Smith-Yancey. We don’t use her married name as her husband is the one who murdered her. She was only 33 years old. He took her away from us, her loving parents, her 2 sisters, 1 half-sister, her 2 children, who were only 8 and 14 at the time; 2 nieces and a nephew and her grandfather. He passed away just this past month (April 2013). We believe that Jennifer’s death affected him more than he let on and because of her murder, he started to give up. All Jennifer was guilty of was loving the man that would eventually kill her. He is NOT in jail for killing her. The local authorities talked to his doctor, who diagnosed my daughter with a fatal seizure disorder after only talking to her ONCE! This doctor never ran any tests, nor did she talk to my daughter again but told the detectives that Jennifer was a “candidate” for this disorder! The doctor never requested medical records, talked to our family or any of Jennifer’s friends. She only talked to and believed everything that the man who killed my daughter told her. The man was telling anyone that would listen the same BS. EVERYONE that knew Jennifer knew that she was not having the type and frequency of seizures that her husband was telling everyone. Jennifer was also on medication. The DA is “afraid” that any jury will believe the doctor and not their own minds. HOW CAN A DOCTOR DIAGNOSE SOMEONE AFTER ONLY SEEING THEM ONCE!!!! This man now thinks he has gotten away with my daughter’s murder! He is walking around free! His name is Ron Engelbrecht and somehow, someway, sometime SOON, he has to pay for what he’s done!! The authorities have Jennifer’s death down as a homicide, the case is still open but nothing is being done! If anyone has ANY information that would help the DA’s office issue a warrant for Ron’s arrest and help them prosecute, please contact the Lyon County Sheriff’s Department at (775) 575.3350. Thank you.

  10. It’s been almost 2 years since my daughter, Jennifer, was killed by her husband. We’re at the point, yet again, where everyone knows he did it but there is no “smoking gun”. The M.E. stands by his “unexplained” death on her death certificate, at least saying that it wasn’t a natural death. I understand that most of what the authorities have is circumstantial but WHY can’t you bring this s.o.b. in when, from the beginning, he hasn’t stuck to one story? He has told, to date, 4 different stories as to how my daughter died. Not for one moment has he acted like he is grieving her death. He has physically threatened her friends, telling them he’d kill her like he killed Jennifer. He got rid or gave away almost all Jennifer’s belongings. Even now, he still has in his possession, my grandchildren’s social security cards and birth certificates, which he has NO right to. He is NOT their biological father, thank God! The authorities will not get those from him. He tried to steal the child support money that Jennifer had on two different cards from her. He continues to roam the streets free. He is a sociopath, obnoxious, overbearing and rude. He was and still is a bully, using hateful, racist and sexist terms to insult my daughter and her children. We could never prove he was a molester. Our only victory in this is that we know that Jennifer is in Heaven and we will one day see her again. Her murderer will never see her again and once he is dead, will go straight to Hell. He took a wonderful woman from her parents, her children, her sisters, her extended family and many, many friends. He never deserved her and if I could ever go back in time, it would be to make sure that my daughter never met the monster who would lie to her and later kill her. We miss you, Jennifer and love you so very much!

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