Miranda Daily

The following was extracted from a series of messages from Debroah Daily-Case to the RHV Facebook site.


Debbie Daily Case is at a loss. Trying to find justice for her daughter has lead her to a dead end.

Miranda Daily was murdered by a man she knew not yet three months, according to her mother, Debbie. The man who she claims killed her daughter took a plea deal of voluntary manslaughter offered by the defense attorney.

Miranda overdosed on five chemicals given to her by the man. He will be released October 24, 2012.

The case had multiple changes during a four and a half year series of trials; the charges were switched, DA’s entering and exiting, and a climate of uncertainty that created a sense of insignificance to the victim’s families. Debbie called the experience similar to being at a traffic violation.

The man was eventually sentenced to six years for the crime of Voluntary Manslaughter. But, as Debbie describes it, with four and a half years for time served, 85 percent good behavior and a sentencing delay of three months; the man will end up serving 11 months.

Debbie claims the evidence mounted very heavily against the man. She described he was a felon with a gun, on probation for committing a violent crime against his last girlfriend and was involved in another overdose case five months prior. At the pre-sentencing, an officer testified against the man, saying, “He was becoming worse in his crimes, and more sophisticated and professional, showing no remorse or care.”

But why the light charge?

“[They were] all too ready to chalk it up to what the killer says as another druggie overdose,” explained Debbie.

According to Debbie’s letter, the defense brought in an expert witness that testified Miranda’s heart was damaged because of chronic drug use – a point Debbie denies vehemently.

The government dropped the ball in Debbie’s eyes.

“The witnesses who were threatened they care nothing of, the general public they care nothing of; they are setting him free.”

The man will go on to live his life and will do nothing more than what he did before, Debbie wrote.

“I’m so angry with our legal and justice system – and the county is just corrupt; I keep working at it, but not getting very far.”

Since the end of the trial, Debbie has created a Facebook page to bring publicity to her daughter’s case.


Please visit the page here.


Miranda Daly was born 7/20/1984 and died 8/12/2007. Born in Glendora, California, her mother said she was loving, giving, successful and way too trusting.


13 responses to “Miranda Daily

  1. Thank you Nick. I so appreciative the time you took, and to help support Miranda. I believe that every life matters, and I believe that every un natural death case should be thoroughly investigated to it’s fullest extent, and that a fair and impartial trial should take place, when a Judge, and a High Court so deem that the defendant is shown to be held accountable to all the crimes committed and a life is taken – no court should give such power to prosecutors to plea bargain any such case that is violent in nature. I believe I read a California Penal Code of this and so it says, Yet, because we don’t have legal assistance, we are told otherwise, and they do want they want, with how they want to apply any given law. and we have no power, no say, nothing. She was my daughter, a viable loving spirit, and her life matters. That she was denied life. She should have dignity of Justice as well, so allow Justice to be sought through a verdict of the jury, on the evidence he was held to answer to.

    • http://www.mirandadaly.com Miranda paid for a ten year website domain among several others for a business she developed. The sites were not hosted at the time of Miranda’s death. As her mother, I did host this one domain, with information regarding Miranda’s life, and the manner of her death. Documents from courts are there to review, i have not posted as yet the very latest of documents received, which relate to the evidence obtained, witness testimoney and his prior charge he was on probation for the abuse of his former girlfriend. He was still under probationary court orders when he killed her, and yes 5 months prior another suspicious overdose of a young man around the same age of Miranda. He was 31, preying on youth in the community. He had committed other various felonies and another assault on another ex girlfriend of which he was convicted of also. None of his criminal activities have been taken to trial, as he knows well how to manipulate the system to his advantage. This was his most difficult to fight because I was not going to give up, knowing full well, that he intended her death as 5 others watched as she struggled to live only to turn blue and take her last breath with 5 people in attendance, and no police was contacted for nearly 14 hours after she died by an anonymous outside caller. He did make up many stories of what happened, and neither he nor his co-defendant arrested with him ever said anyone else was there, as they felt their threats to them would be taken to heart, and that what ever story they told would be accepted, as in the case of the young man prior to Miranda’s. Miranda;s always been fun to party with and did love to drink alcohol. There was not a trace of alcohol in her system/blood. She was identified by coroners office as a young well nourished female of 130 lbs. She was very much into good healthy living, even with the occasional parties and night clubs as many 21 to 23 year old’s love to attend with friends. She was anti- drug use. She so indicated nothing of having any issues with drugs in her final letter to him, only facts she deemed important such as her responsibilities in paying her bills, which he had defrauded her and the credit card company’s of. Her main focus in that letter was the fact he showed that he didn’t care what he was doing to her financially, only to use her money for his own greed. It will never be known how or why she felt she could do anything to help this person change his lifestyle as she indicated she felt was needed, and since he mocked her letter, and her ideals, showed her she needed out. She did attempt. He took her phone and broke it, only allowing her to make calls he controlled, ignoring others who were looking for her. She was expected at her former employers on the Monday [ August 13th] for a promotion to rejoin them as a District Manager. She was tops in her work and sales in the Cellular Industry, including teaching and training classes of her own design to train new employees of one of their largest clients. Since her business venture did not pan out, she took this position, and all of her former bosses and co workers were expecting her Monday morning. She never showed, which they knew was unusual for her. Miranda, however, unknown to all, was laying in the coroners office being examined, and had even the coroner rule out suicide. Since there was no arrest made for her death, the coroner had only 3 choices to indicate manner of her death. Due to natural causes. Died within minutes of ingestion of cocaine and ecstasy, even though there were over five drugs found in her system, she would not have used, The coroner was asked by me, how could a woman unconscious of 7 to 9 hours, die within minutes of ingestion of two known substances that take participation, yet she was unconscious. There was no indication any part of her body was checked for entry points of possible ways of these various drugs, including morphine free,and/or heroin, oxycotin, meth, and a high amount of Lidocain. Prosecutor when asked please do extensive forensics to show just how she could have been and for how long this ‘chronic drug abuse’, and why they could not; would not, was told to me by the prosecutor we don’t do this, as this only happens in the movies, not real life. Again, I was told much of this manner of death was indicated by statements made by the one her decided she would die, and not survive to tell what happened to her. There was signs of a room in condition of altercations, broken glass, and items broken all over, even spent shell casings found inside the room she was found in, and seen in earlier in the evening. Her own home was left in a hurry and disarray, unpacked bags, letter drafts strewn all over, all her credit cards stacked on the coffee table with her id, and a list of all her card balances. She left her tv on a program she watches religiously, and left without arming her security system. Apparently she found how he had taken her cards to the cleaners and she was overheard hysterically shouting and crying how she hated andrew for destroying her credit, which she always worked so hard to maintain in perfect payment history.

      Please Nick, with your judgement of what should be written here, I wanted to fill in some of this information. There is quite a bit more, but this sets the basic story as seen through ours and the investigators information. There is much more to a situation that ends with the death of a young woman with so much life in her, so much to live for, which so many goals to lead a good and successful and loving life. Doing all she could to do for others and make them happy, sharing in all she had to give. Most of which was her love of family and friends. Please feel free to edit, what may be too much being said, or not show at all. I’m writing this to you, and to help someone who would see this is not your typical murder, and not your typical case with all that is contained within just a matter of a few months. The police reports show interviews with people who knew Miranda for years, and some she knew only the time she knew him. Most people who know both, believe that he killed her which has them in disbelief of what could happen to such a beautiful friend they loved. and in contrast what they knew and saw in him by far contrasted, unable to understand her connection with him,

      Her last voice message, in which I heard myself, she sounded absolutely fine, though vague. Yet, indication of prior phone calls were nothing, and she was a big girl. That was after the hysterical calls made asking for help. that was around 6:30 pm on Saturday August 11, 2012. by around 10 pm, when the first ‘guest/witness’ showed up she was no where in sight, until he led them to the bedroom where she laid naked and unconscious. It is all in the preliminary hearing noted on her website. This is a window of possibly 3 hours to go from being alone with him, sounding fine to people showing up and she was out of it. There is so much more not addressed within this report that I had found out by calling myself and finding the information that was very pertinent to the events of that Friday through Sunday. Most of which the DA, just passed off as meaningless ‘speculation’ that could have been corroborated at a later time as the witnesses came forward.

      all not relevant to what the DA was basing his Murder theory on. in all actuality would have been relevant to a thought out plan of murder as things played out of control on part of her killer. Miranda walked into something far over her head, and without anyone knowing what exactly was happening in the mind of girvan.

      I hope this makes some sense and in a manner that explains my insistence that the case was dropped by the District Attorneys, as I feel they did not want to work in the true interest of solving this and prosecuting to it’s maximum. Prosecutors did not want to go to any length nor expense in furthering the strength of this case, yet the Public Defenders expended the costs to show she was a chronic drug user causing a heart defect. heart defects are not caused by anything, they are congenital defects found at birth. The ‘expert’ witness had very vague statements made on things based upon subjects they see in some subjects known to abuse drugs, such as andrew girvans own father- addicted to oxycotin, and died from what is said to have been an overdose. The son’s of which, soon after their father passed, sold off his remaining supplies of oxycotin. So here we have a criminal drug and gun dealer, abuser of women, burglarly and dui’s under influence, disregarding all court orders and laws we would all have to comply with, and he is associated with not one – but three overdose cases of people he knew. How often does one have to be exposed to death by drugs before some pattern begins to show? How many more victims of his violence and disregard to life, will it take to put him in prison long enough to show intolerance to this criminal behavior? Does it take one more? To me, there’s been enough and one more is just reckless disregard of our county we pay dearly by tax dollars to protect and to serve,

      On top of all of this, the manner in which they treated the grieving family left to endure the loss our our beloved Miranda, is far less than what they state in their County’s Mission Statements on their website. Or is this just their facade? Corruption or disregard to Justice and the interest of the people they serve has been all too obvious. If you can please see what I have developed on her site, and on her memorial page http://www.mem.com
      where we celebrate the life of this young woman. The posts made by many who knew her, and many who only heard of her through her death. We started our devotion to Justice for Miranda on myspace as this was the general social media at the time in 2007. Going to facebook, after many were dropping myspace. Her profile, Justice for Miranda is still there. there are videos of her showing her personality and demeanor and life filled with promise. from a young baby, youth to adulthood. She was and is and always be a remarkable woman, greatly missed by her family friends and coworkers through out her career since age 16.

  2. I am truly sorry for your loss…

    This verdict was political from the time a new budget was established. The justice system could not comprehend spending more funds on a case it deemed circumspect. All the prosecutor wanted was a ‘closed case’ off his desk. Unless you can find grounds for the illegal Plea Bargain initiated by the County, this light Sentence will stand. My suggestion is to seek out the Congressman responsible for that County. Get some concrete answers to undo this wrong. Prior convictions can be introduced under certain conditions, this is your quagmire.

  3. Miranda’s Rights were denied. There was no justice for her, nor in the peoples rights to protection from criminals like girvan. He walks free now, from most ridiculous plea deal, while Miranda was not given any mercy to her plea for her life. She was given the death sentence. Nothing is going to briBernardinong her back to her loving family…but others might have been spared future encounters with her murderer… If more victims’ ? fall, will be blood on the hands of San Bernardino County District Attorneys Office.

  4. So sorry for your loss, no parent should ever have to go through this. Our “justice system is so seemingly broken. When my daughter was killed (in a violent vehicular homicide) I actually called some lawyers. I came across some books that were helpful; ” And Justice for Some” by Wendy Murphy describes how the trial is always about the perpetrator’s rights, which is so maddening, Our daughters rights were taken when they were killed and the perpetrator, if he lives (in our case he died) – has the rights afforded to him by our justice system.

    Apparently civility has been replaced by a warped system that affords multimillion dollar trials to the attorneys who like to pick dumb jurors. More distortion tactics. Of course some people try and get selected because “murdertainment” seems to be a hobby theses days. The justice system was supposed to protect the victim from harm, so I used to think. People who speak up for victims get bullied all of the time. Perpetrators should be punished, apologize, and pay the price of a civil suit, with damages; but most bereaved parents can’t even get the satisfaction of a trial. The criminals are just getting better and better at abusing the system and the ones in charge are helping!

    So sorry for all of our losses.

    The stars will light the sky for you Miranda Always and Forever. (Hillsong United)

  5. Thank you so much. It’s with great difficulty, to find that after all our lives, we’ve been deceived by those we had paid so much respect in helping our country, see that they’ve actually destroyed it, and allowed high powered Legislators and Attorneys to dehumanize so many. To give so much more to those who, commit crime after crime and once a criminal Crosses that Line and kills another human,
    It’s already too late. Many lives changes due to the process we call law, regardless a state law combined with morality, and humanity.

    No death can be undone. And no death should go unrecognized – whether it be a mass killing – one person – both should be equally treated and no deals to anyone taking away someones life.
    It’s this we share in realizing, sadly the worst way possible, but no one is willing to stand up and challenge this. Are we as society, so busy that we can’t see what these individual cases are doing?

    This makes us feel so insignificant, our children’s lives treated as just another case to unload the easiest way possible, with little effort put into it, unless of course it were to have been the child of one of those lawmakers, right? Or a sensational case that breeds havoc or publicity worthy of handling the case, as every case should handled. Every Life Matters, and you and I are on the same page, sadly, and as well, there are so many more.

    Truly sorry for your loss, and can realize your pain,as it is a loss, that can never be made right. weThe ones responsible for mishandling, we are paying dearly for, and also paying the price to give such liberties to those who took our Childs life.
    I don’t think as clearly, so, I’m not even ever sure I’ve repeated myself, over and again.

    I feel I owe my daughter so much, in continuing this fight for what is so wrong – and you’re exactly right on this too, no one wants to listen, no oneone seems to think any more of this, as I’ve been perceived as feeling sorry for myself. I’m damn sorry and sad about losing Miranda, but my sorrow isn’t just about me, it’s all those affected, and most of all my daughter, she’s the one who isn’t able to live and love as she once did, she’s in a box …yes I believe her spirit is free, but is that all we should agree upon? Then we should all want to be dead too, sorry, it’s just so wrong…

    Please contact me again, if you’d like to talk more on the life, liberty, and civil rights issue, as this is far separate from the grief of losing our beloved ones Sincerely, thank you.. Debbe

  6. I attempted to reply, not sure it went thru, so I’ll repost ny reply. I am staying strong, thank you. As for defense funding? It’s all paid by the state, via our tax dollars hard at work, yet the prosecutors would not spend any funding to refute. Our Justice isn’t any true concern. That’s my impression of how this case was handled.

  7. I am so so so sorry I just found out about this I know u probably don’t remember me but I went to middle school with Miranda when you guys moved to San Jacinto she was one of my best friends for the time being and this is truly and honestly horrible and she was and has the best values ,she was smart beautiful funny and trusting one of the biggest hearts and I’m passed that there is no justice none what’s so ever first off there is no justice he could do all his life in prison and its still unjust still I would not be satisfied but even so he got how long ?he’ll no tuck that he’ll no that motherfucker got a cake walk my ex boyfriend whom never called me a bad word treated me like a queen and was a real man whom but had a past criminal record for him walking out of his home with a gun loaded but never pointed it at anyone and was sentenced to 265 years and will never ever walk out here or hold his kids and grand kids and he was the love of my life some one actually killed a good honest woman beautiful young woman and 11 months served and or was 4 years either or that’s discuting and foul and something very twisted within the court system and justice system it sickens me we pay taxes to have and give the write to these kind of people we call cops whom protect and serve and that’s all they can do which is nothing I feel they have done nothing something needs to be done that her life don’t they have kids or family

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