Stephanie Lynne Sanchez-Chavez

The following is from Raquel Chavez about her mother Stephanie Lynne Sanchez-Chavez:

Well, I thought I’d take some time to share my mama’s story….

In 1998 I was only 12 years old. My siblings and I lived with our grandparents…. That being said, my mother would always come see us at least once a week. She always called, and even though she was struggling, she would spend her last penny on us. On Halloween 1998, my mom came and took my little brothers trick or treating. She brought my brothers home and we never saw her again. We knew something was wrong when we hadn’t heard from her or seen her for a couple weeks. She would often stay with my uncle and he hadn’t seen her either. We began posting missing posters all over town. My dad, grandma, and cousins would drive all over Albuquerque, asking anyone my mom knew if they had seen her. My mother’s body was found on Christmas Day 1998. She was found in a ditch at Tingley Beach by 2 little boys riding their bikes. She had been dead for some time. The murderer severed my mother’s hands in an attempt to prevent her from being identified.

MY MOTHERS MURDER IS STILL UNSOLVED. I pray everyday that we will have some answers. I miss my mom so much. Especially now that I am grown and have a child of my own. Maybe someday we’ll have some justice.

Stephanie Lynne Sanchez-Chavez 6/20/64 – 12/25/98 *Mom*

3 responses to “Stephanie Lynne Sanchez-Chavez

  1. I too miss Stephanie as she was my best friend. We would get together on Saturdays with her kids and go to the mall, out to eat, or just hang out at her house. She once said she “loved me as a sister”. I felt like we were like sisters even though we weren’t related. She would comfort me when I was feeeling down. We would confind in each other and comfort each other. I always thought we would grow old together with our kids grown up and our grandchildren. I hope someday that they will be able to solve her murder. I will continue praying for this.


  2. I am so sorry for the loss of your precious mother. I hope and pray that they find whoever did this to her. In my thoughts and prayers.

  3. I be-leave who ever did this is paying for it as i type this if not it is coming back to them ten fold it will all work out in the end. I love my sister Steph I prey to god i don’t run into the dogs that did this to my sis God have mercy on there souls,

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