Timmy Clark

Timmy Clark

July 13, 2012 will mark the five year anniversary of Timmy Clark’s passing

Bette Clark, Timmy’s Mom, told the story; Her son and a friend of her oldest son were walking home from the store and they had ben ambushed by two men waiting for the friend.

Timmy was shot as because he was a witness, Bette explained. The men murdered him execution style. The friend was shot through the neck and died two days later.

” My heart is so broken and to see so many ppl murdered I’ll just never understand,” wrote Bette. “It never seems to get any easier, the pain just lingers inside your heart.”

Here is what Timmy’s Mom wrote about her son:

“Thank you, there is so many things I could say about him, he loved playing football he wanted to be a quarterback, he loved video games and jumping on the trampoline with his friends.  He was very shy, but the most kindest person I’ve known and I’m not just saying that cause I’m him mom, but so many people have told me stories about how they’d call him upset and he’d stay on the phone with them for hours just talking and telling them everything will be ok, he loved animals, I always said he had a kind soul.  He had the best laugh ever, he would laugh and make the whole room laugh with him it was an addictive laugh, he was so funny he would say the weirdest jokes and just laugh!  He had a  beautiful smile with the bluest eyes ever.  But the most important thing is he loved life, his family, his friends, his pets! He also loved music, he played the flute and was learning how to play the keyboards.  He also liked to play chess and could beat almost anyone in two moves! One time I was putting up his reward posters (they have been arrested and tried now) but at the time I was putting up his reward posters around the neighborhood, as I put one up this elderly man who had a great big Rotweiler (sp?) with him looked at his picture and as I was walking away he called to me, he said I knew this boy, I mean I didn’t know him well but there’s a lot of kids around here that are just no good, and my dog she knows who, but him, he came up to her and most kids are to afraid to go near her especially if she doesn’t like you because dogs have an inner sense well he just started petting her and she liked him so much that I knew this boy was different he was a good kid.  I thanked him for telling me the story and I got in my car and cried my eyes out.”


One response to “Timmy Clark

  1. God’s blessings and peaceto you and your loved ones. I am so sorry for your loss of your child and the pain in your heart that never ceases!

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