In honor of our lost.

Something we started on the RHV facebook page is a wall of photos of loved ones taken by violnet crimes. After a bit of time we have run out of space on Facebook and are going to house the archives of the RHV walls here. What we encourage you to do is fine the page your loved one’s photo is on and write their name down.

Please comment and leave a message for your loved one.


62 responses to “RHV WALL 1

  1. Third row from the bottome, ninth from the left – this is my daniel – he was 15 when he grew his angel wings – his stepfather is responsible for his death. I miss you my darling – more each day

  2. As I look at this picture it is surreal that my 17 month old baby grandson is pictured here. We get so caught up in life that tragedies like these just seem to happen in other cities, other states. But, when we are impacted by the horrific events that land us in the darkest clouds of grief, it is humbling to say the least. My heart and prayers are will all our families and our loved ones pictured here. I am so very sorry for everyone’s loss. I pray that in every one of our cases, justice will be served. Currently we are awaiting the trial for the murderer of my grandson. It is a heavy load to bear, as all of you well know. I pray God’s Grace, Mercy and Love upon all of us. God Bless.

  3. My Grandson Malaikye is pictured on the fifth row, last picture on the row in a blue shirt. He had the most contagious smile ever. I bet you if you zoom in on his picture, you will smile at his little angelic face too. Rest in paradise my little angel. Not a day goes by that I don’t speak your name. Loving you baby boy,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

      • Blunt force trauma to the head. Shaken Baby Syndrome. Malaikye’s mothers boyfriend will stand trial here in the next month or so. So sorry for the loss of your son Robert. My prayers are with you

  4. 9th row down 6th from left. Michael Paul Abell. Murdered June 25, 2005. We are headed to Florida from Virginia tonight to attend the 2nd Annual H.U.G.S. Butterfly release where a Butterfly will be released in my sons name as well as many of our other friends children. And one for the RHV wall as well. WE will always remember them. Love you Boieee …your dad and I miss you everyday. ❤

  5. Second row ninth from the left, my darling nephew Scottie , with his baby girl, Alexa. She never got to know him, he was murdered on October 14th, 2010. The killer remains unknown. Scottie was fun loving, and happy. He always had a way of putting things that would make you laugh. We love and miss him more every day. Rest well, sweetheart.

  6. Brian Andrew Wentworth – precious youngest son and forever in my heart we are eternally connected.
    9th row 2nd from the left. You are missed beyond words and so many are affected by this loss. You are in God’s great Army now and I will see you soon beautiful one….. see you soon!

  7. 2nd row up from the RHV plaque on the right side in a white t-shirt is Sam McGowan (August 5 2009)
    his life was taken by a youth whom was out robbing others at knife point … one of them was Sams son ! when we heard what happened Sam & I ran from our home to try and find this boy and make sure no one got hurt ! Sam found him first and the kid plunged a knife threw Sams chest hitting his heart , he took his last breath in my arms that night and after 2 1/2 year wait the kid served only 6 months ! I will always love you Sammy … Until we meet again fly free sweet man

  8. Im sorry you are here,on this wall…I love you and your 2 beautiful children.I see steve regularly, not so well with Tavon, but we know thats just her mom.Be at Peace son.,BE AT PEACE

  9. Fourth row from top 3rd pic from left. Brandy Guined. My big sister 12-21-11 pic taken just days before she was murdered. I miss her so much. I still grab my phone to call her when I have a really bad day.

  10. My daughter Jennifer LeAnne Balber 12/2/73 – 11/10/94 5th row from top, 4th of the left…its her graduation picture…Jen was a SoCal Gas Co Meter fatally shot in the line of servicein Rialto CA, she was an innocent victim of a senseless drive-by shooting…tomorrow will be 18yrs of missing her…

  11. My mother Delene Hofferberth 3rd row from the bottom, 10th picture from the left. December 6, 1944 – October 31, 2011. My brother and I found her on November 2, 2011 not knowing she had been laying there for 2 days. It breaks my heart. A few hours after we found my mother we were informed by the police that my son had taken his own life and they believe he murdered my Mother. It is a year later and I still can not wrap my mind around this tragedy. I’ll never have answers. My heart is forever broken and my life will never be the same. I lost my 21 year old son and my Mother all at once! My mother was my bestfriend and an angel of Earth. I miss her and my son every single second of the day. I love you Mom and Brett! You will be missed and loved forever! Thoughts and prayers continue to be with each of you! Thank you for lettting me share my story!

  12. My children’s father James shot and murdered in his own home RIP James no-one deserves to have their lives taken like this RIP to all our loved ones taken from us xxx

  13. 7th row from the top the 10th photo is my son Daniel who was murdered July 10 , 2009 …I miss my son so much and what they say is true losing a child is a parent’s worse nightmare …I love my son with all my heart and I will never stop loving him ❤ ❤

  14. 2nd row down, 11th picture from the left, (red shirt) my Mom, Ann Ingram. Born 9/15/45 murdered 6/6/95. Mom I love and miss you more than words could ever express. One day we will celebrate our birthday together again. ❤

  15. 3rd row from the bottom up and 11th picture from the left across is my son Louis A (Laddie) Mills III. Born on Nov 24th 1959 and murdered October 24th 1987. 25 years have passed and it still feels like yesterday. we miss you and love you very much.

  16. For some reason my daughter Kori VanHulle 10-13-87 – 03-12-12 is on the wall twice, ninth row, last one on right side, also second row, seventh picture. I love and miss you more than words can every say. Forever in my heart ❤

  17. My nephew, Nicholas Ryan Murphy, is the first picture on the fourth row from the bottom. He was murdered in 2008 and our lives have never been the same. I love you so much Nick and I miss you everyday.

  18. Christine Marie, forever Sweet 16, second column across, 3 rows down. Murdered on her way home from school by her ex boyfriend almost a year ago. My heart and my family is forever broken. Wishing with all my heart that you were here to share your beautiful smile with us. Mum X

  19. My sister, Gina O’Flaherty, died March 4, 2012 from complications of a stab wound she received from her boyfriend, Robert Bass. He was released from jail after 3 months due to a lack of evidence. There is no justice for Gina and no closure for me or my family. We love and miss you, sister.

  20. Fourth row down, eighth from the left…Donnie James Frates, March 24, 1983 = May 20, 2009. Rest in peace my beautiful boy.

  21. My nephew Isaac Joel Donez was 22, the day he was murdered was on November 28th 2011. We are coming up on his first year of being gone. He was shot twice, and bled to death at the hospital. He is on the 5th row from the bottom, 10th from the left side, under the W. I still cant believe he is gone. We have no justice for him. His killer Santiago Zamora Jr. is still on the run. My sister misses her first born son, he was the first of 3 children. His brother just got married yesterday. And it was bitter sweet because he wasn’t there to celebrate with us. Every one of these stories touch my heart, because i feel your pain. I know you all have experienced grief unbearable. And to this day, its still hard. But I know if i did not have God, I’d be worse off. I pray you all get the justice you all deserve. For those who have no justice, God be with you. I pray for peace into your hearts. One day those who have committed these horrible crimes with have their judgement. Thanks for sharing their stories..God bless

  22. My great nephew, last row 4th from the left. 11/19/89-02/12/12, He was shot 4 times in the chest by gang members in Seattle, WA, he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Des, we are so proud of the life you were living and we will always love and miss you. Desmond Jackson’s family is sorry for all of your losses.

  23. Seventh row 2nd picture is my mother and father who were murdered on 8-9-11 in their own home next door to me. After they were killed the person or people then burned their house to the ground. I never got to say goodbye and it also had to be a closed casket. I miss you both every minute of everyday! Me and my kids love you so much! Love you mom and dad.

  24. My son Anthony Steven Adgers Jr, 3rd pic fr the left on the memorial line (6th line), stole the 2nd 1/2 of my heart 2/20/94 when he was born. Stayed my spoiled big baby fr the minute he arrived until the day he was stolen fr me 3/31/11. A mother’s love knows no end & is still there jus as much as it ever was.

  25. Carol Ives 6-14-50 to 8-28-10. Second row from the top, second picture from the left. The picture is of my mother and my youngest son. My mother was an amazing woman, mother and Nanny! We are still so very lost without her. She sustained blunt force trama to her head in a home invasion.

  26. my best friend kristopher kratchmer is row 9 7 from the left and he was murdered in 2008 a house party gone bad . a 16 yr old and an 18 yr old stabbed him to death 45 times they are currently serving a life sentence for first degree murder. god rest your soul kristopher i miss you and love you .

  27. Christy Buus 8/28/85 – 7/18/2005 murdered by her “friends”… the 16 yr old girl stabbed her from behind then the 23 yr old guy shot her in the face while driving her car.. he even turned on the inside car light to look at her before they dumped her body in the desert.. It took the police 2 days to arrest them and recover Christy’s body.. both are in prison, he was sentenced to LIFE, she got a 21 yr sentence for testifying against him.. Christy is our youngest child, my life has changed forever… Christy’s picture is 10th row down 3rd picture in from the left..

  28. My sweet 16 yr old Austin, very bottom right, was gunned down 07/27/2011, There are so many people that miss his kindness, goofiness, rosy cheeks and just the very caring young man he was. The holdiays are so horrible without him, as is, well everyday. Love and miss you, dear Austin, Love Mama, Dad, Sonny and all the others.

  29. Christopher Naylor Terrey 5/24/1990 – 12/02/2010…2nd picture from the left, 1st row. My 2nd child, and only son, we were given the life sentence. This nightmare is never ending!!! We love you, Chris!!!

  30. Wall No.1 – 5th row down 5th from the left – my daughter Helen Buchel (34) DOB 6-13-75 died 11-20-09 / next to her 6th from the left my granddaughter Brittany Passalacqua (12) DOB 6-30-97 died 11/20/09. Both brutally murdered. Their murderer is serving 40 years (no early release). Rest in peace my beautiful girls, you are loved and missed by so many. Life will never be the same for so many of us. RIP Angels. x0x0

  31. Sixth row first picture. My son Josh. He was murdered March 22 2012. He is holding his son in this picture. We are still waiting for juctice.

  32. My brother Christopher Adam Lozano is up on this wall, I look at it all the time and I miss him then I go on to look at the rest of the beautiful losses loved ones and this picture is like one big family and I try to think that they are all together comforting one another and waiting for us. This picture means the world to me and I’m so thankful that RHV. Posted my brothers picture on they’re wall.. my brother was murdered three yrs,ago on Dec 5th 2009 and theirs not one day I don’t think of my Angel! I love and miss you boo! <'3

  33. My two angels…..Caroline and Madison….directly above Caylee. This is not where I ever dreamed you would be. I love and miss you with all that I have. I just want you to come home:'(:'( ❤ ❤

  34. 2nd row from the bottom, 4th from the left. That’s my darling brother Malcom ”Mad Maxx’ Lafon. He was born on the 13 Sept 1966 and was killed on 27 December 2007 by a driver who went through a red stop light and hit him on his bike. Both he and his pillion were killed instantly. The worst part is that they still have not caught that driver. On postmortem his injuries were horrific as were those of his pillion. Not a day goes by that the pain gets any less, the tears slower or the longing diminish. I guess I will maybe let go of it all and accept it when the driver has been caught. 5 years later and its still fresh. People celebrate Christmas and New Year’s with happiness. I spend Christmas in a very deep dark black hole and it will never have the same meaning for me ever again. Miss and love you so very much Malcolm

  35. How can something like this wall, so sad & tragic, be so beautiful? It is a memorial to some very beautiful children of God. My grandson, Christopher “Michael” Pierce, is 8th row from top, 12 left (blue & white striped shirt). His precious remains were recovered in his truck at the bottom of Red River, Shreveport LA, 4 1/2 years after his 2003 dissapearance. He was murdered by the husband of his friend and co-worker. This man murdered her & 3-month fetus a month after Michael was recovered to stop her from going to the police with her knowledge that
    he murdered Michael. This man is in Angola serving life w/o parole for her murder. He has been charged, but is not serving time for killing Michael, I have peace in knowing that Michael’s justice will be in the Lord’s hands. My heart aches for you all & I grieve with you.

  36. My son, Chriistopher “Chris” Naylor Terrey, age 20 yrs 6 months, and 9 days…1st RHV Wall, First Row, Second picture. Murdered by his alleged best friend, December 2, 2010…My heart will NEVER recover…

  37. Joseph Threadgill my son 14th on the first row 6/6/88-8/28/2011 murdered at work shot several times we will not get over this it has forever changed our life…

  38. My nephew is on the 8th row, right under the W. He was taken from us on November 28th 2011. He was 22, the first born to my sister Rosana. His name is Isaac Joel Donez. His killer is Santiago Zamora, who is still on the run. Its been very hard, and frusterating. At times i feel as though it consumes me. I think about him, how my sister feels, and it hurts me so much. I have children, infact my 18 yr old daughter and Isaac were so close, They shared birthdays, being in the same month only 3 days apart. I can’t believe he is gone, and at times i feel consumed with grief for him. It feels as if no one is doing anything. I dont know what to do. I have a page set up for him. If you look under RIP Isaac Joel Donez aka Lil Cricket. I do my best to keep his face in the memories of all who knew him and those who dont, so they wont forget he still needs justice. Thanks RHV for your support of all these families, who not only have a place to tell their stories , but a place to vent. My condolences to all of you for the loss of your precious loved ones who are gone, my heart feels your pain. God bless

  39. My daddy! Cecil Mills. Last row on bottom of wall, 5 th from left. Love you dad and miss you always. I will never understand.

  40. Last row – Lucky #13… My father and step mother, Terry and Darleen Anderson of Mongo Indiana. Murdered Oct 21, 2005 – – Unsolved…. Miss you Daddy to the Moon and Back.. I will forever be your voice for Justice ~ Sherry

  41. Sixth row first picture. My son Josh. It will be a year the 22nd of March since he was murdered. I love you and miss you so much!

  42. My sweet baby boy Auston James wells AJ gunned down in the streets of ironton ohio by Charles edens born may 2 1992 and murdered August 31 2011. Momma lives and misses you ! People say karma comes to those who do wrong but it cannot come soon enough for your killer! For all the pain he has caused killing you ! And14 years in prison for taking your life just isn’t enough ! The prison he put you in us forever ! I just hope to live long enough for him to receive his karma ! Mr. Charles Edens you too have a son and you might just receive the same as you gave that could be your karma!!!!

  43. This wall brings a little peace in the sense that I know we are not alone in our grief. Michael Abell was my little cousin and his birthday would be tomorrow. I miss him like crazy and wish to hell his murder would be solved, so maybe our family could have a tiny bit of closure. Love you Michael…happy bday.

  44. Victoria Knight, 6th row 7 over.It is hard to believe it has been nine years since I lost my precious daughter. I celebrate her life in heaven. Some have told me to move on with my life… Others have turned their backs. To deny my daughters memory is to deny her very existence. Her memory is my treasure. Through the tears, I take my treasure out and remember the gift of her life….The twinkle in her eyes…Her contagious laugh…Her wisdom about life… And the love she shared. She was a loving daughter, sister, mother and friend. Yes, there was tragedy… But the real tragedy was for those who never took the opportunity to get to know her and love her. She was an amazing young woman and she gave me some of the best years of my life. I cherish the gift of her life and the love we shared. Her memory is my hearts treasure.

  45. My brother Chris lozano is on this wall and I thank you for putting together this wall. Its hard seeing all the lost loved ones who were killed in the violent ways they were killed in but now they can all rest in peace and we will see them soon some day again. I love my brother and seeing him up on this wall gives me some comfort so thank you again so much Remembering himicidesurvivor’s ❤

  46. My brother Chris lozano is on this wall and I thank you for putting together this wall. Its hard seeing all the lost loved ones who were killed in the violent ways they were killed in but now they can all rest in peace and we will see them soon some day again. I love my brother and seeing him up on this wall gives me some comfort so thank you again so much Remembering himicide survivor’s ❤ my bro is second row fifth one from the left side.

  47. Second Row third from the left my two handsome boys, Matthew Reynolds, (my son’s Best friend) and my son Tyler Hawula, both senselessly murdered in my home December 5, 2009. 1366 days and not one bit easier. loved in life and forever missed. Know that i got my boys as much justice that our crappy system will allow. miss you both so very much.

  48. My 18yr old son Nathaniel Lee Hughes, top row 4th from the right. Stabbed in the neck August 20th, 2008 and passed away the following day. Thank you for posting his picture and all the others that were stolen away from us.

  49. My son is 2nd row third from the right. Joey went missing the night of June 1, 1998, 4 days after his 21st birthday. He was found brutally murdered almost 2 weeks later. We couldn’t see him or kiss him one last time. Sometimes I feel like he might come home one day since I didn’t see him. They got two one received only 10 years he’s been out since Jan. 2, 2009. the other received 30 years he could be paroled Dec 14th 2023. It kills me because one is walking around free one will be free and my son is in the ground. The pain never goes away the tears don’t stop, I love him & miss him soo much. My thoughts & prayers are with everyone here

  50. 4th row #16 I believe…my granddaughter Taegen E. McKinney. 11/11/05~ 04/15/07 …Heaven is such a beautiful place with all these special faces…

  51. Second row third from the left is Matthew Reynolds (top) and my son Tyler Hawula (bottom) they were both murdered in my home December 5, 2009. after kicking out a couple rude and rowdy drunks from a party, they then came back with two other boys and a shotgun burst into my home and opened fire, they also shot a third boy who luckily survived, thankfully the gun jammed because they came with 14 shotgun bullets. Worst day of my life 4 and 1/2 years later and it’s not any easier </3 Forever 18

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