Joseph “Big Joe” Threadgil

Joseph “Big Joe” Threadgil

Joseph “Big Joe” Threadgil was shot multiple times outside of the T.D.’s Showclub in Albuquerque. Joseph was working as a security guard for the business at the time.

Joseph was the “joy” in his parents’ lives, said his mother Priscilla Threadgil. She said Joseph always made sure to talk to everyone and give hugs from him to “all the family.”

Priscilla said Joseph’s father and herself were very proud of their son and his ability to live life to the fullest.

Big Joe was a very active person. His mother said whenever she would ask him what he had planned for the day; he would reply “People, Places, Things.”

His mother said she remembered him as loving Doritios and Chicken, she was unable to recall a day when he didn’t have one or the other.

The family is currently awaiting trial. The defendant, Thomas Hancock, has pleaded not guilty.

“May our Joseph Threadgill Rest in peace,” said Priscilla. “In our heart we know he is our angel.”

Joseph Threadgil lived June 6, 1988 to August 28, 2011.


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