Chris Lozano

Chris Lozano

Chris Lozano was murdered at a house party after an argument with a group of men, said Lozano’s sister Saralina Bina. The argument escalated to the point where one of the men, Bryan Lee Lester, brandished a weapon and shot Lozano in the face, according to Bina. Lester was sentenced three years for Negligent Homicide.

Her brother’s death and the short sentence given to Lester are things Bina said she has struggled with.

“I am in shock and disbelief that he could do something that gruesome and his lawyer can get him off with only three years,” said Bina. “My family and I are taking it day by day but this will never be good enough! My brother was 23 and was going to be a father. Now he’s gone.”

“He was a good man and he had the biggest heart.”

Chris Lozano was a very unique person, his sister wrote. His heart and every internal organ were reversed to his right side – not the typical left. Bina said the next great thing about Chris is he was such a happy, loving, full-of-life person that it made it hard to be angry or sad around him because he was either comforting you or making you laugh.

He was baptized as a Christian around age eight and he stayed with his belief of God throughout his whole life, wrote his sister. He was a class president in the fifth grade and also was into peace-building which attracted many of his friends today.

He graduated high school at Desert View High, and then began working for the City of Tucson. Throughout the years of working, and then starting college, Chris started to lift weights and got into building his body. He also started to learn MMA techniques and boxing. He wanted to be an MMA fighter. He had many dreams of also becoming a nutritionist so he started course study at Pima College. Chris was also born with chronic asthma and bronchitis along with other lung diseases but he never let any of his illnesses get in the way of anything he did, according to Bina. She said Chris felt compelled to finish everything he started and he would help others in this same way.

Bina would write her brother never strayed away from any of his family members or friends he kept us close and loved us and treated us like we were the most important possessions of the world. Chris was close with both of his parents. Bina said Chris would often tell their mom he couldn’t live without her. He would cradle Bina and my sister in his arms every time he wanted love from them. He would respect our older brothers and always defended them with honor, Bina wrote.

“Most in his life Chris wanted a family and he wanted to live. Four days before his death he found out he was going to be a father. He was told he would never have kids so this was a big deal.”


7 responses to “Chris Lozano

  1. Thankyou for publishing this for all to see. christopherson will b missed by all and no amount if healing will take the pain away. The pain knowing that weve lost one of the best people in the world…….may god rest his sole.

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  3. Bryan Lester you may think you got away With it in this time we live in, but wait ,,,in due time you will be judged with our God almighty an eye for an eye, .To Chris’s family , one day you will see your brother, god made that promise to all of us, be strong in this time we live in , know that all your brothers and sisters suffer in this world in many different ways but that in due time will be no more suffering , Bina you describe your pain to the point , and I feel for you and your family, I know your pain to well,I hope your heart has comfort one day , it does get better. Chris does not want you to keep suffering for him, he is in peace, we are the ones
    that need to keep going especially for your children, May God be with you and all your family , my prayer and thoughts are with you.

  4. What a beautiful way to honor your brothers memory…I am saddened for your family and their terrible injustice…God comfort you today and everyday…God bless you my friend..<3

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