Peter L. Des Jardins

From Tonya Swinnea
Peter L. Des Jardins, killed August 4, 2009, attempted robbery, case unsolved.
PeterThis was a man who wrote music (poetry), sang, loved, helped, and was always there for anyone who might have needed any kind of assistance at all. He was an ambassador to our little jewel in the Caribbean. He loved this island. He loved his weekly newspaper column where he could express his views on local or world issues as well as tell the island what and where to be seen for the next week.
He was carefree to a fault, he hardly ever wore shoes, disheveled was his way, except for music. He marveled at the simple things in life, walking the beach with our dogs especially late at night on a full moon so the dogs could chase the ghost crabs in the moon light, snorkeling and seeing a sea turtle, a pretty fish, or just holding my hand as we swam in the clear Caribbean Sea.
This is why I loved him.
When someone mentions soul mates it’s a hard concept to explain until you’ve had the pleasure of being there with that person… And yes you just know, both of you do…. It’s almost been 4 years and the tears still come quite easy, I miss you holding me as we sleep, I miss your smile and the way that you made me laugh, I miss hearing your guitar wafting on the Caribbean breeze. I miss you, my love, my friend, the love of my life… Tonya

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