Viviana Tulli

The following is in memory of Viviana Tulli and was written by her sister Stella Tulli:

My 21 year old sister- Viviana Tulli- was murdered on Aug. 30, 2010– our mother’s 60th birthday— She was strangled and suffocated by her ex boyfriend who had been granted an early parole release, placed in a halfway home,, and had escaped….

I struggle with her death daily. She wasn’t just my baby sister., she was also  my child…. I was her “surrogate mother”….

I had written my feelings down and had gotten it published locally—-

My phone is vibrating. Earlier that day I had wished my mom a happy birthday and it seemed to be a good morning. As the hours passed, a feeling of uneasiness crept over me. Something isn’t right, I thought to myself. I want to go home. Hours passed and my cell is non stop. Why is my mom calling me? I’m at work and not supposed to have my cell on, but…, let me see what the birthday lady wants. “have you spoken to your sister today?” no Mami. Why? “the police called your father and want us all to go to police station. Something happened to Vivi”. I finally get driven to the police station- fighting back tears. This is not happening. I meet with the officer’s. They start asking questions. All I can stammer out is ” is she alive”. Once I give a description of her and all her tattoos, my heart broke. “your sister was in an accident. She has died.”. From the car accident? “no, she was killed”. It was David! He did it. And this is where our lives have changed.

I felt like I had been kicked, stabbed, thrown into a fire. How could this be? He escaped the halfway house? As details emerged, my stomach knotted, my eyes filled with tears and this cry came out. So primal and raw. I ran out of the room i was in, started punching walls, ripping paper to shreds. Found my parents and hugged my mom. Of all days, it had to be her birthday. This animal.,,, this… No body, played god and took something no one could ever replace. Finally make my way outside, light a cigarette and just collapsed on the sidewalk. Drive home a few blocks, the police cruiser is still parked there…… Shortly thereafter, our first reporter comes up. I immediately spot him and tell him to take a hike. His response ” I just want a story”. My brother and I, our quick witted response ” here’s a story, reporter gets his ass kicked”. That’s right fucker, move it along. News has now spread. My phone is non. Stop. Texts, calls, Facebook messages….. Having to reply “yes, it’s true. My sister had been murdered “. The pieces of that day and week are still foggy 8 months later. Between the raw emotion and the tequila I was chugging from the bottle, my memory is still clouded. A lot of people wound up at my house that first night. I know from stories that I was quite the s**t talker. I was beyond drunk. The reality I was so desperately trying to hide and avoid — I just lost it. The next day, I went to the morgue. I was still in disbelief and in my head, I NEEDED to see her. I thought it would provide some closure. No. Closure was not provided. Instead, the image haunts me. I rememer banging on the glass partition. “vivi. Vivi. Vivi!!! WAKE UP. Stop f******g around Vivi. It’s not funny. Please. Please wake up. Please. Tears are falling, I’m still banging on the glass. There she lays, shrouded in a white blanket. Her face, pale, bruised and swollen from the beating he administered to her. This is where the bargaining begins. “god, please. Bring her back. I’ll trade places. Take me. Not her. Please not her. Take my legs, take my arms. Make me blind. Please. Just bring her back. Sadly, these negotiations, didn’t work. Since god wasn’t hearing me, maybe the devil will help out. Offered him my soul for her…. He didn’t want it. Back home, more alcohol goes down my throat— along with whatever else was presented in front of me. “make me numb” I cry as I chug from the Patron bottle. This can’t be happening… You read these stories in the newspaper and never think such a horrible thing can happen. It does! Hindsight kicks in. As I slowly scroll through my memories, conversations I’ve had with Vivi…,, I knew this day would come. Didn’t think it would the way it did though- but I KNEW Vivi wasn’t long for this earth. A gut feeling. Intuition. Just like i knew something wasn’t right on my mom’s birthday. Maybe if I had stayed home from work that day…maybe if i had gone out with her tht night.., maybe if I…,,,, the guilt eats at me. The what if’s… How is it possible a person-an inmate- is in a hospital with a chaperone, guard, whatever… leaves?? so many unanswered questions.. The bottom line, the people who are supposed to be protecting us fucked up.. Now this presents a challenge for me.. The people who are here to protect and serve are now working on my sister’s murder case.. I have mixed emotions about it. distrusting, yet grateful. It’s funny, you watch a crime show and it’s all wrapped up quite quickly..I mean, what exactly is the delay in all this.. 2 people are in a car. 1 of them winds up dead, the other attempts suicide.. really not that hard to figure out.. even a child can quickly sum up the facts.. yet, here we are. awaiting a murder trial with jury.. Great, we get to rehash all the facts.. I’ll hear David again say “not guilty” NOT GUILTY.. not guilty was his response at his arraignment.. f*****g coward.. shielding his face from all of us.. Why you hiding David? because Vivi got a few shots in,, you embarrassed tough guy?? If looks could kill, I along with others would have struck him down.. I know he heard me yell out in court as he was being led away in handcuffs, ” I HATE YOU DAVID” Vivi and I sound alike, so him hearing that,, knowing it wasn’t her.. makes me just a teeny bit happy.. at the same time, I’m disgusted with the chain of events. The whole “dropping the ball.” I still do not understand how he was released early. I still wonder how the parole board looked over his docket, showing his previous assault on officers, his prevous threaten to kill charges, his violoations while being incarcerated and still said, Yes, this man can go on to a halfway house. Seriously dude?? for real? no bull shit??? wow. im amazed.. Tell me, where is this “justice” oh i’m gonna get it when a JURY convicts him.. thanks.. not bringing my sister back.. nothing will, but fu** if it doesnt hurt.. What can I do to right this wrong?? I cant’ take it out on his family or friends, not their fault David is a piece of shit, but i want them to feel that pain my mother feels. I want someone to wake up at 3am bawling their eyes out because they just had a dream of their beloved little sister laughing and wake up and realize it was only a dream.. No more birthdays to celebrate with her, no more holidays.. vivi isnt’ waiting for me on the front steps ready to take a ride with me. no more shopping with my lil sis. it’s all gone.. Our love for her will always be there, but now all we have is our memories… the good, the bad, the funny.. I lost a part of myself that day… fun loving, free spirited Stella, has now gone away. and this older, stronger, wiser Stella stepped up.. I miss my old me.. I miss the old us.. i especially miss Vivi the most.. Lil MIss Tulli cant be replaced and she shouldn’t. She is definately one of a kind.


16 responses to “Viviana Tulli

  1. I am so truly sorry for you loss. I understand deeply how you feel. My big sister Brandy was murdered December 21, 2011. The 17 year old that murdered her was a runaway from the state. He ranaway because he didn’t want to be sent to an all boys home. This is where the state dropped the ball the second time they knew where he ran away to, his moms. They dropped the ball the first time when he had court earlier in 2011 and the judge decides to put him on probation instead of sending him to jail and this boy had multiple offences. An officer even asked the judge not to release him because he was gonna kill someone and he did my sister. I know your pain all to well. I will pray for justice for your sister. No I haven’t found that the pain gets any easier. Sitting in the court room is very difficult and we are awaiting a trial because he plead no guilty. I find it strange how we can sense something is wrong but not change what happens. You sister is watching over you and your family. I know mine is too. If I can tell you one thing pay attention to smells and stuff around you because she will let you know she is there. I.smell love spell often and know my sister is sitting beside me. Please feel free to find me on facebook and send me a friends request. Sending you love and prayers.

      • So sorry for your loss. I learned of this watching MSNBC tonight. They have this fool David on, and I was just sick to my soul about what he had to say about the Murder. I’m praying for your family.

  2. I read your story after seeing coverage of this very sick man in the NYTimes. I felt I needed to know more about your poor sister. She sounds like she was a wonderful human being and she was extremely well loved on this earth. I am so sorry for your loss. I’m glad we can still know about her through you taking the time to share. Thank you.

    • Thank you for taking the time out of your life to read about my beloved sister. Thank you, also, for sharing your thoughts. Xoxo

  3. my brother to was murdered by 2 army guys on leave/. my brother just got out of Air Force had saved all his time & money had just asked his girl to marry him. came home to our state of ct.He was in Germany guarding everyone keeping people safe. there at that time no police the Air force Military police were responsible, like my dad he was a policeman for 37 yrs retired & then went to yai lai for another 10yrs .my mom also had a feeling Irish intuition ; do not go 2nite 1030 takes 1 1/2 to get from camp ground to the apt; he & my dad shared. I will never forget that nite as long as I live.At aound 1 30 in the am we had just gone to bed my hubby & I. We were really happy I just told my mom I think I am pregnant again around2 or 3 months not you & your family I am aware that God has a plan for all of us. But really !!! but your Viviana did not need to die so young.the defense attorneys had the nerve to ask my dad & I for shorter sentence cuz both their parents did not want their children to be in jail. I had to take the phone away from my dad; he could not speak just ask my daughter how she feels abt losing her best friend. we were only 2yrs abt. we were I like two peas in a pod .Like your case they had the 1 that was trying to sell stolen car. while the other thumbed a ride with a case can. some how they over powered him. had told him come up apt we have our money hidden. ok ironically the rooky cop my dad trained before he retired found the body. This was horrific & well thought out. They stabbed him in the neck & chest with a pair of sizzers .Then they proceeded to tie him to the bed & used the gas he took them to buy to set the bed on fire..So like your trial Vivi had bruises in our case the evidence was clear his hair & fingers were singed that is how the rooky cop recognized him. he was in devastated to see his ex partners son all burned. Now back to my bed room I sat up & my hubby turned his back & whispered are you sure you do not want me to come with you…. By this time I was wide awake why wont you let me talk to my dad. He sad good bye hung up turned around he was a white as a sheet. I have some bad news even thou they new it was him; dad said since moe is pregnant tell her it may not be true. we never heard any more so I finally fell asleep. I woke up to go to the bath room. Yes you guessed wiped myself & was bleeding.I not only lost my brother but had lost our 2nd child. Everyone said oh well it was meant to be; now your baby has your brother as a guardian Angel.The day I left the hospital the funeral mass was going on in my Church. I said let me go in the back of Church just for the Mass. my husband said no your father said He wants you to go homeI had to have a dnc to remove my child. They never told me if it was a boy Or girl. But yet they do not deserve to go to prison because they claimed they were high on drugs. we went back & forth they even tried to say my brother was a drug addict & was pushing the drugs on them. after a long trial they did not get life but they did get 25 yrs max with no parole. May God Bless you & your family; & I hope you can find some Peace.

  4. I am soo sorry about your loss i kno nothing helps to bring bak your sister i read your story after seeing that monster on Lockup … your sister was truly beautiful and an angel on earth ….

  5. Stella,
    I saw your sister’s story lastnight on “Lockup”. I felt compelled to know more about what happened from some other source than that cowardly piece of filth David. I want to offer you my deepest sympathy and condolences. It is shameful that her life was cut short, and he’s still breathing. I too, know the pain of losing someone precious to me, and I know that it leaves a big hole, that can never be filled. But you are a very strong, couragous woman, and I know that you will honor the memory of your beautiful sister. Keep fighting, and never give up. She remains alive in you. Best wishes to you and your family.

  6. Hi Stella. I’m very late on this. I had lock up recorded from 4/9/14… I was just sitting here watching it with my fiancé… Then I saw your sisters picture on the tv… I was shocked… I had to rewind to see if what I was seeing was right. I used to work with your sister at Petco in Ramsey, Nj…. She was the only person there who kept me sane… She was so sweet funny and had an amazing smile… I had no idea this happened. I am so truly sorry for yours and your families loss. I’m in serious shock I just can’t believe it. I’m so sick to my stomach on how that guy reacted and the things he said I could hardly watch the episode… Once again I am so sorry. Your all in my thoughts and prayers.

  7. Beautiful Viviana. I saw her story on a prison show I just watched and refuse to acknowledge anyone but Viviana.

    May she sleep peacefully.

    I will keep you and your family in my thoughts.

  8. Thanks all. I’m still struggling with her loss.. i can’t rest knowing he still breathes- at theexpense of taxpayers.
    So called justice….

  9. What a piece of pig sh!t David is. I saw him on lock up and he was saying how he took a plea deal and how cool it was cause he still gets to see his family and that he’s gonna get out someday- na na na na na. He was almost taunting towards the victim.(that being your sister) I hope he never gets out.

    Was he abusive towards your sister before?

  10. Pretty Angel Viviana. May she rest in peace.I learned about her thru a program on cable. I pray that God blesses her mother in dealing with this tragedy. I will always remember and pray. God bless the entire family

  11. Thank you all so much for your kind and heartfelt words. This article popped up on my facebook timeline today and I had to re-read my words.. I then saw all the new (new to me) responses from all of you. Thank you again for sharing your kind words with me. Vivi lives on through me….

  12. It’s been some years since this tragedy occurred but as I said I will continue to pray for viviana family. May you be blessed with God’s eternal love.
    RIP Beautiful Angel.

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