Juan Luis Gutierrez Jr.

Juan Luis Gutierrez Jr. was taken from his partner, Tiffany Mzkrazy Bland on April 22, 2012. That is when she says her life changed forever.

Juan was shot that night in an alleyway close to his home three times, according to Tiffany. Juan had answered the back door at their home only to be greeted by two men and one woman. The men shot Juan while the woman prevented Tiffany from going outside. They fled shortly after shooting him.

Born September 21, 1988 in Galveston, Texas, Juan lived a “okay” life according to Tiffany. She said the struggles he saw made him a better person.

“He was the sweetest man I had ever met,” said Tiffany. Tiffany and Juan met seven years ago according to Tiffany. She said they met through a friend and she instantly knew they had a connection.

“Juan was the type that, if you needed anything, he would be the first person to help,” said Tiffany. “If you needed a place to live you were more than welcome to live with him.

“He had a big heart.” Juan was a relentless worker according to Tiffany.

He did everything he could to support his kids and the mothers of his children. He leaves behind a son, Juan III and a daughter, Yuliana. Tiffany said they had their issues as a couple, but they were working things out and had just moved in together before his death.

“He never gave up on anyone. He took chances and he lived his life with no regrets,” said Tiffany.


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