The Summer Event – Recap!

Woah. I think i still need one more second to breathe.

While it would have been more prudent of me to do some sort of event recap yesterday, i think i needed untill now to fully understand what we accomplished yesterday.

We held our first event! We brought people together and we remembered our loved ones with positivity and support.

How cool is that?

Well, there are some thank yous i have to give out. First goes out to all the great people at the NIA/NM Resource Center for Victims of Violent Death. Pat, Joan and Val, we enjoyed meeting you and learning about everything your organization does. To the ladies from the CVRC, your support and guidance during this process has been invaluable.

To all the friends and family that came and helped out – Thank you. You know first hand of all the trial and tribulations. You’re support and commitment will never be forgotten.

To the families that came: You’re loved ones shone on you that day. I hope you all could feel their presence that day – we did.

To all the media organizations; thank you for your coverage. Hopefully the increased light on the aftermath of violent death will make people think about commiting such henious crimes.

Now, how do i think we did?


Members of the Threadgill family watch the balloons fly to the sky

I’m so proud of everyone who gave speeches. They were great advocates for their loved ones. A big nod goes to my Co-founder. Lorraine did a great job speaking her heart on behalf of Andrae. Hopefully, this will bring her and his family the closure they yearnfully desire.

Our turnout was a little lower than we expected. But the families that did show up were vibrant and plentiful. I hope they found the ceremony fitting.

Here are links to the stories and one of the videos shown during the event.

Ending Video:

CBS Affiliate:

NBC Affiliate:

It was such a rewarding feeling after the event was over. To hear the families that were present express the joy and satisfaction in the way we remembered them was fufilling. We had worked on this event for the past eight months and to know that it meant something – to know that it had an impact on people – was all that was needed. It made the eight months worth it.

I never fully grasped how tasking the entire process was. Especially in the last week. We stressed and obsessed, but once i got on that mike – it all went away (for me at least, i cant speak for lori). For the rest of the event i felt pretty good, it wasn’t untill today that i realized i was going on adreniline. With a 6:00 a.m. flight the following day – didn’t get to sleep untill about 6:05 a.m. the following day. I remember walking through BWI (the baltimore airport where i had my only layover) in a haze and stopping the first oppurtunity i had to sit down. I think i slept the enitiry on the next flight. I don’t really remember take-off – only waking up to the captian’s voice saying we were about to land.

My parents then took me out for lunch. I stayed awake for the majority of it (it was hard not to, we had eventful service) but passed out once i got in the car. I woke up three exits short of home to my dad driving for a gas station when he had an eigth of a tank left (We were three exits away!).

Eventually we made it home (6:00 p.m. ET) and i passed out on the couch (6:05 p.m. ET). I didn’t wake up untill about 10:00 a.m. the next day.

I think i learned alot from the event. I tried not to bug my speakers. I wanted to stay professional and i thought that ment updates only when it mattered. But for the next time we do this – whenever that will be – i think i will adopt more of a practice i had when i ran my college newspaper. Daily Updates. Maybe just for the week of the event. we had one speaker not show and I think more of a personal connection to everyone would eliminate that sort of thing.

But all-in-all i was happy with it. We had people there that had done countless things like this and they were very happy with the way it turned out.

I know for certain i will keep to updating the site as much as my schedule allows ( i am starting school this semester!). I don’t know when we will be doing another event like this. We batted around the idea of finding someone in New Mexio to organize it for us and we would serve as more of a Macro-manager. Which would be cool. My first priority, is to fill out the 501 (c)3. This way we can get more donations.


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