Michael Scott Rogers

Two years ago Michael Scott Rogers was taken from this world. His aunt, Jennifer Barton Kilpatrick, wrote in to tell the story of her nephew.

Michael Scott Rogers was a 16 year old that left the safety of his hometown to attend a party with “friends” at the other end of the county, wrote Kilpatrick. Later that night Michael’s mother received a desperate call from him stating he was hurt and didn’t know where he was. Another person spoke to Michael’s step dad giving a location they would meet them at for them to get Michael. Another call from Michael came in that he was afraid they were going to kill him, Kilpatrick wrote. Michael’s mother called 911 in route to the location she was to get Michael. No one was there.

Michael’s body was found around noon the next day, covered in mud and blood, in the middle of a hog field. His shirt and phone were never found. Court testimony and statements made to investigators shed some light on what happened that night but a lot of questions were never answered, according to Kilpatrick. Michael was beaten repeatedly by at least three older boys, had his phone and shirt taken from him and let in a deserted area in 20-degree weather. His body was found exactly three months after his 16th birthday.

Kilpatrick said it took 11 months for any charges to be filed in Michael’s case. Scott Allen Fisher was found guilty of “involuntary manslaughter” and sentenced to 19-23 months for Michael’s death. No one else was ever charged, There were more than 30 people at the party that night and no one called 911 or told officers where Michael was, wrote Kilpatrick. Michael had a blood alcohol level of .06 at the time of his death and no drugs were in his system.

Michael was truly loved by everyone that knew him, wrote Kilpatrick. He was always trying to cheer up anyone that seemed down. Michael was a leading player on his football team, but he eventually had to give up football due to his asthma.

“Michael had a smile that could light up a room; he was a good singer and had a great sense of humor,” wrote his aunt.

Michael suffered from depression, and his goal in life was to help troubled teens.


5 responses to “Michael Scott Rogers

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  2. I’m soooo sorry that this horrible thing happened to Michael. I pray for his family. I pray for justice for him and for my daughter Darah! She was killed in the same county…no charges on the man who killed her yet!

  3. This is so terrible, just going out to a party to have fun! I am so sorry for your loss, I pray for justice for Michael…in my thoughts and prayers.

  4. I never got the honor of meeting Michael, but my Daughter did. She would come home from school talking about Michael and how he was the best friend she ever could have. She will never get any closer from Michaels death and i really think its because he was murdered, and Scott Fisher murdered Michael but never charged with that. So many people need to step up and be honest and say what really happened that night. I really pray it eats them away,and one day the truth will come out.

  5. It is all just too tragic. It should have never happened. I wish that I had known this beautiful boy. It’s such a shame that justice was not given to Michael and his family by not doing anything to punish the murderers. One innocent shiny life was taken and for what. I cannot imagine what I would do if the same happened to my precious daughter. I pray for his mother and family every night and every day.

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