Robert Lee Varnum Jr

Robert Lee Varnum Jr and his girlfriend Bobbi were slain by home intruders on March 31, 2012.

Robert and Bobbi were experimenting with drugs at the time of their death according to Robert’s daughter Jen. She would write that she was shocked when she discovered they were.

“One night I can remember him crying because he was trying to save her and believed if he didn’t, he would fail in life,” recalled Jen.

Jen moved in with her father in December of 2010, which is when she became aware of her father’s relationship with Bobbi. Jen said it killed her to watch her father’s relationship with her because “You can’t help someone when they don’t want the help.”

Jen would move out in August and not speak with her father again.

“I will never get the chance cause someone stole the little bit of hope I had to get him back.”

Robert Jr was born September 8, 1955 to Lora Smith and Robert Varnum in Davenport, Iowa according to his daughter. He spent his childhood, along with his three sisters, in Du Quoin, a small town where he would eventually become a Pentecostal Pastor.

At the age of 26 Robert met Jen’s Mother and moved to Mississippi, the place where Jen and her brother, Jeremy would be born.

Jen recalls her parents getting a divorce shortly after the death of her Father’s father. Jeremy and she would move in with their Mother in Illinois, but they would get to see their father on the weekends. Jen said this was the “best time.”

“He actually spent time with us,” said Jen. “He was a great Dad.”

Later in life, Jen and Jeremy would move in with their father because of their mother’s involvement with the State Fair. Because of their father working so much to support the two of them, Jen and Jeremy spent a lot of time with each other. Jen said her Father always did the best for them.

“I remember one time, when he got an award, Jeremy and I threw him a party,” said Jen.

Robert would marry another woman before he met Bobbi. He married Anne and adopted a child, Zachary, with her. Jen recalls Robert loving Anne very much, but the couple became distant and divorced in 2009.


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