Jennifer Rene’ Parisi-Krajnak

This is my daughter Jennifer Rene’ Parisi-Krajnak. She was murdered by an acquaintance on Jan 3, 2013.


This man shot her and left her laying in the street. She lived near the sheriff’s dept. and a car happen to go down her street taking a person to the jail and the ride along happen to see something in the road. He told the driver to turn around where they could see my daughter laying in the road.
When they reached her she was still alive around 2:00 a.m. she was rushed to the hospital where she died about a half an hour later around 8:30 a.m.
Police had gone to the bar where she had worked at off and on since she was 21. After questioning many people there they told the people not to contact anyone about their investigation. My friend happened to be there and when she asked if I had been notified yet they said they were still trying to identify my daughter. They had her purse, cell phone and Ipad.
After they left my girlfriend called me and gave me a number the detective gave her. I called and they said I would have to leave a message. I told them I was going to the crime scene – which I did and found out yes it was my only daughter.  The man who did this was running to Oregon to his mom’s. They caught him two days later and he was extradited back to San Diego by the end of Feb.
We have been in court at least one or more times a month ever since then. This coming month is the first month we do not need to go to court our next hearing is Sept.4th it is another readiness hearing

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