Ryan Joshua “Texas” Stewart

Ryan Joshua “Texas” Stewart was taken from this world on January 22, 2012 by a home invasion. He was stabbed once in the lung, once in the spleen and once in a third location, according to his mother, Joanne Gagnon.

Ryan loved life and lived it to the fullest in a way that only he could do, wrote Joanne. She said he loved snowboarding, playing his guitar, building huge bonfires, riding his four-wheeler and scooter and just generally enjoying life – He loved to hang out with friends and family.

Joanne wrote that at the time of his death, Ryan was really beginning to move forward with his life goals.

“We were really proud of the steps he was taking on his journey.”

There have been multiple Facebook pages created for Ryan by his friends, and his mother created a memorial website in addition to those other pages.

“The stories that have been shared with us by his friends have been overwhelming in regards to how he has touched their lives and helped them in their journeys,” wrote Joanne. “Due to his influence, they are moving forward in his memory and ‘getting it done’ as he was doing.”

Ryan leaves behind his mother, Joanne, father, Michael, stepfather, Tony, sister, Kylie and brother Michael in addition to aunts, uncles and cousins too numerous to count, according to his mother.

“We will forever love and miss Ryan and his cocky-smooth, infectious smile,” said Joanne.

The following was written by Ryan’s sister Kylie:

“Ryan’s Goodbye”

Death came upon the life of one

Who always sought to live;

He took life at its most in taking

All it have to give.

Abrupt in end, a shadow is cast

On those he left behind,

Tho’ on he lives within our hearts

And will be kept in mind.

For all that can be learnt of life

Is that it carries on.

The rhythm of the world beats still –

A heartbreak and a song.

In living on, we still cherish he

Who is with us no more,

Until we see him on the other

Side of heaven’s door.


Go to the following website to learn more about Ryan http://memorialwebsites.legacy.com/RyanJoshuaStewart/homepage.aspx.


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