Jessie Garcia

The following was written by Janet Garcia on behalf of her son Jesse.


My son had just turn 16 at the time he was taken from me.

He was a good son. In his early life he liked sports.

He was talking always – getting in trouble at school for talking. He had great friends and saw what murder did at a young age; alot of his friends ended up taken due to violence. I remember the tears that would roll down his face when he would hear about what happened to some of his friends. A lot are buried close to him.

The day was a Sunday. His friend called and he asked me, “Mom can I go and meet my friend and come back and watch some videos for a while.” I asked him to hurry back because I don’t like him walking. He gave me a hug and said “Love u mom.”

I felt a great heaviness all day, but not even 10 minutes. I heard gunshots, but always heard them, I just said a prayer like I always did.

Not long after I heard banging at my door. It was Jesse friend saying, “Janet something happen to Jesse.” I said u better not be lying to me. “He got shot, He got shot.” I said where is he at. He replied “three blocks away,”

I ran but by the time I got there he was transported to the hospital. I ran down the street because i didn’t know what to do. Jesse’s friend’s mom and dad picked me up and took me to the hospital; they kept me in a small room for the longest time and didn’t have no news. They sent a guy to sit with me and then more of the nightmare started.

They told me that a guy was going around town shooting at different houses and trying to hit anybody he saw. My son had to be the one walking down a city street and it had to be him. “WHY?”

They didn’t let me see him. I waited and waited; then he comes out of the emergency room, I follow him as they push him to the intensive care unit.

I stayed by his side, I broke down.

Doctors said that he was brain dead; they put him on life support.

He was shot in the head. Nobody told me what brain dead was so I waited until the next day, they said they have to be sure that he is indeed brain dead. Well the doctor said can we use his organs for transplant. I didn’t even know what that was.

I said no, what if he wakes up? They said that he wouldn’t. So an hour passed and the doctor told me that I didn’t have a choice but to take him off life support.

I didn’t understand, I broke down again.

I didn’t know what to do, so they asked me if I wanted to be in the room. I couldn’t even answer them; my daughter stayed at his side. I couldn’t do it, to see my baby gone.

So I have never been the same. I but I know he is in Heaven. Just want to be a voice for him


Jesse’s Mom


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