Angelo LaRocca

Angelo LaRocca was murdered on 6/28/2011. He was shot and killed after a drug deal went wrong. His mother, Simone LaRocca Jordon, said that she makes no excuses for him that day and doesn’t agree for his choices that day, but she contends he was set up.

“He thought he was buying Xanax,” Jordon said she would later learn.

Jordon called her son “very handsome, a charmer…compassionate.” She said he loved animals and children – He also was a comedian that had a smile which was contagious.

Angelo was 19 years old.

UPDATE 5/19/2013: From Simone LaRocca Jordan:

It is confirmed it was not a drug deal gone bad, but a robbery, murder. They lured my son there by telling him they were going to sell him xanax, but they didnt even have any pills on them. These are now the facts.


4 responses to “Angelo LaRocca

    • Don’t u believe for one second that anyone in their right mind would judge ur beautiful son for a mistake which, btw, ALL teens make.( saying all teens make some sort of mistake) . We also kno that what ur son did was just that–what he did, not WHO he was. That small, tiny bit part of his life was NOT who ur son was at all! That was just a mistake that sadly cost him his life :-(. RIP Angelo. My prayers and condolences to u, Simone.

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