Christine Jacqueline Kalifa

1531712_3858410074135_1569372494_nMy daughter R.I.P Christine Jacqueline Kalifa was murdered on April 17, 2012.  She was 23 years old and a mother of 3 small children, 6 years, 3 years and a 7 month old.  Our family has never been the same since.  Her nickname was Jackie.  She was a true friend.  Jackie loved with all her heart.
The police caught the person who did this within 44 hours of her murder.  He confessed, but even though he confessed he plead NOT GUILTY.  We have not gone to trial yet.  We are st…ill in the Pre-Trial hearings that have been going on every month for the past 10 months.  Every time we go to court everything that happened from her murder on April 17, to the viewing at the Funeral Home, to the church service, to her interment, to waking up that next morning on Saturday, April 21, 2012, the pain hitting me like a ton of bricks that she was gone forever. Knowing that I am never going to hear her laughter, her silliness, how responsible she was, knowing I can never see her, never touch her, never hug her, never talk to her, never never never never anything! I am so mad! She had her whole life ahead of her! She was 23 years old! She had 3 beautiful children! Nobody is perfect! We all make mistakes! Jackie was so trusting! God why! Why! Death… You can’t take it back!
This murderer is a 18 year old punk.  A repeat juvenile offender.  He graduated to murder.
We pray for justice.  A punishment that fits the crime.  The DA is not going to seek the death penalty so I expect nothing less than LIFE IN PRISON.
Written by Floriza Matinez

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