Ways to cope with the torture of it all

Everything stopped.

The world may have not ended, you may still be breathing, but everything stopped the day you lost your loved one.

A lot of people on our site talk about feelings of idleness and how their lives seemingly move without purpose. But, as a friend put it:

 The world keeps moving and were expected to move with it. Its so hard to keep up. to do what’s expected.

So, how do you cope with that?

  • Dealing with the kids

A lot of people who have kids, especially young kids, often wonder what life will be like for their kids now that the loved one isn’t around. People talk about not wanting them to be sad, angry or depressed about the situation. But the fact of the matter is they probably will and they deserve to be – just like you did. The difference being is you will not let them be encompassed by everything. You will point out that your loved one would not want it that way. In turn, it might even help you process what is going on.

  • Questions

One of the things I see a lot on the sites are people talking about either dealing with a boat-load of questions about their mental well being or people avoiding the subject like it is a plague that will encompass every fiber of their being. when dealing with questions it is best to be up front with everything. If you don’t want to talk about things you don’t have to – and vice versa.

  • Your self

From what I’ve read or learned by talking to people, sometimes thoughts about losing your loved one can overpower every facet of your life. On those days, stop and take a moment to think. Do you really want to give your day up to grieving? Make the choice to stop being sad and start being happy – at least for the day. It may not be sound, psychological advice, but it will allow yourself to cope with your surroundings. And that is something everyone needs help with now and then.


We would love to hear from you on how you cope on the bad days! Post a comment and we will add it into a user-advice post.




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