How to honor your loved one at Christmas

We received the following question on our RHV Facebook site and I wanted to share the thread here so you can take whatever ideas you wish. We hope it helps RHV Fam!

From Terri Baston
What does everyone do to honor their loved ones for Christmas?
  • Debbie Doty Floyd I bought a thing that has multiple candle holders in it and we will light them for our loved ones . My  19 yr old son was murdered in 2012 , my father in law and step mom died in 2012 also . We bought this to light at all our family gatherings and it will be our new tradition  !
  • Geraldine Wolford Dolan Our 19 year old son was killed two days before Thanksgiving 3 years ago. Our first Christmas without Patrick I don’t even remember. But the next Christmas Our family & friends decorated a special tree & bought ornaments that reminded us of Patrick or one that reminded us of a memory we shared with him. Each person shared whiy they picked that ornament & then places it on the tree.This year I bought a few more to add to his tre. Christmas day we say a Prayer for Patrick. Hoping the holiday is gentle on all of us as we miss our loved ones being here with us. Patrick’s mom
  • AK Kim Kline I light a candle and as i see it, it remunds me of my lived ones who have passed
  • Brooke Chi Ninni Matthews I put an ornament on the tree that represents my brother. I also got a stocking with his intial on it this year, and  I also have a in memory ornament with his pic in it. ❤
  • Donna Hall I don’t know this will be my first Xmas with out him,
  • Jessica Kallergis Keep her picture on the table and a candle lit for her
  • Kelli Drake-Ratliff This is my first Christmas without my love, I have no idea what to do. I really want to crawl in a hole and pretend this last year hasn’t happened
  • Terri Baston We were thinking of lighting off sky lanterns for my brother that was murdered in 1991 and for my granddaughter that was murdered in 2009. We try to do something different each year.
  • Amy Grochowski My mother & I decorate my brothers grave & light a special candle for him! Mom has congestive heart failure this year & dad is at a nursing home with hospice. I haven’t made it to the cemetery in a while. Not sure if I will. Im worn out mentally & physically. Feeling depression & guilty. Cant get enough done for every one. So much going on right now. Plus I have my kids to take care of. Feeling awful that I cant do everything I always do. Im only one person. I will definitely light a memorial candle. Sometimes it will go out on its own. My kids get scared. Maybe its my brother teasing us?? He was killed in 1984. He was only 12 yrs old. He was a happy child & liked to tease. ❤
  • Keri Wright There is a tree at the local funeral home that puts ornaments up of loved ones lost for any reason.We picked a special ornament for each person we lost.When we go back the next year we look until we find our loved ones ornaments. Just something small but healing.
  • Carol Morales My first xmas without my son too he was murdered in april  i will be lighting a candle as i have been! ITS A BLUE CHRISTMAS WITHOUT MY BOY:'(
  • Bailey Bailey I celebrate my son all the time
  • Sharon Gentile I put up a small tree and spend a couple hours decorating it.  It is in memory of my brother and my son who were both murdered.  My brother in 1980 he was only 27yrs old.  My son in 2005  he was only 38.  I also light 2 candles and put them in front of both their pictures.  This year I almost didn’t its been hard to get in the  Christmas spirit!!

2 responses to “How to honor your loved one at Christmas

  1. My son and only Child: Tupac-Amaru Leyba, was murdered on 9/10/2011. I will never be the same, nor will I ever feel the joy of any Holiday again.. My son was so loving, generous and was an amazing singer, composer, mosaic tile muralist. Although he was close to the completion of his C.D. his music was already loved by many. Amaru shared his music with all, and he always included his friends in all his endeavors. He’d help anyone in need. We always provided a place for friends to stay and/or a meal; he was sincere and a loyal friend: Always had a big hug for Me and grandmothers. I miss him most at Christmas, because; he would create amazing gifts! He created from his heart and with the person he made the gift for in mind. My son died because he existed! We still don’t know the reason-his life was taken by a repeat offender who just bonded out of jail on a violent crime-My son and many would be with us today if the law in New Mexico was tougher of repeat offenders, or keep the violent ones behind bars until trial. My son, My pride and Joy-My son…how lucky was I to be you mother…Thank you Lord! Gin. D.

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