Five ways to beat depression

Something a lot of people on our site can identify with is having a cloud of depression reign over them wherever they go. Because of that fact, I thought I would scower the internet and find you five tips to make yourself feel a little better on the harder days.

  1. did an article similar to this one and they suggested to find human contact:

    The two lessons here are about helping people with depression and helping yourself when you have depression. If you are depressed you need to get out and be around people. It doesn’t matter how you do it, science has shown that having human contact helps depression.

  2. gave a step by step instruction list in their way to beat depression. One of the things they recommended was physical activity:

    Engage in an active lifestyle to combat depression and feelings of loneliness.  Incorporate daily physical activity into your schedule, such as walking or  jogging.

  3. An article on Mother Nature Network recommends reading a book:

    Read a book. I recommend “The Mind-Body Mood Solution,” by Dr. Jeffrey Rossman, because he has helped me many times with my depressive bouts. As the behavioral health specialist at Canyon Ranch, he has taught me how to get to the real issue quickly and change my perspective on my problems. It really works!

  4. Listen to other people’s stories.

    I guess it kind of correlates with the first point, but if you type in ways to beat depression into youtube you will get a bunch of results. Check it out here.

  5. Seek council. Most sites say depression is usually an underlying cause of a greater mental or physical issue. The best way to beat this is to talk with a trained professional who can help you figure out why you feel the way you’re feeling.

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