Second Event Recap

I think it is safe to say that this past weekend’s event was one of the most rewarding experiences we have had while doing our Remembering Homicide Victims (RHV) project. Throughout the past two days we have acquired more than 150 new likes, added 70-plus photos to the wall (and it is still growing, mind you) and discovered the heart wrenching stories that ache so many of our lives.

wall 2

When we figured out we wouldn’t have the finances to do a physical event for a second year in a row we were a little depressed. We had such a great experience advocating for our loved ones the first time around, to think that we would miss it just because of a lack of funds was hard to process. I think, by going through that experience, the success of the event this weekend was even more sweet.

While we don’t have all of the insights available to us yet, by going through each individual post it is clear to see that we reached an awful lot of people – which was the intent of the online gathering. Hopefully, because of this process, more people will learn about your loved one and it will lead to either the solace or the answers that your family craves.

For next year, I’d really like to try doing some combination of a physical event and an online gathering like this weekend. Maybe we can do an online event the week before the physical, that way we can add in all the new faces into the physical one. These are thoughts that Lori and I will have to go over while preparing for next year. What I do know is that we need to do a better job at fundraising if we want to have that physical event. While I love the t-shirts that we started to produce this year, I think we need to look at another option – maybe a kickstarter or something of the like. Additionally, we need to figure out where any excess funds would be donated after the event. If anyone of you knows a noteworthy charity, please educate us!

Until then, please feel free to keep sharing your stories on our site. We love being a place where you can come and vent or care for others or just look at things to give you some sort of perspective (or have identifiable qualities) on what we are all going through.

Take care RHV fam!


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