One person is never murdered

The Bohemian Rock Star's "Untitled Project"

One person is never murdered.

There is always a family that fails to be the same.

They live with souls that are tortured.

They fall to a “justice” that’s a shame.


One person never dies,

amidst the neglect and lies;

Their spirit soars in hearts that remain –

Vibrant, healers of this immense pain.


One person has a voice

that can speak for the silenced few.

One heart can make the choice

That can show others what to do.


Take a minute today



“Would they have wanted it this way?”



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2 responses to “One person is never murdered

  1. I felt your words: I feel the pain. I am a victim. The mother of a murdered son. My only child. He was 32 worked for years on his music. Composed words that were so deep he touched many bring out their pain or feelings which couldn’t be tapped into without his words. He was a up and coming singer. Mostly he was my best friend. He was murdered by a repeat offender: and justice was not served: somehow there was more sympathy for the defendant than us the family that lost out loved one. My son was my world-my precious son, and my best friend: so yea! I feel your words and I love how you touched not only on the crime but the judicial impact.
    Thank you

  2. My feelings put into words. I,too am a victim. Not just me but our WHOLE family. My son, Matthew Angell 30 years old, was brutally murdered May 6,2012 in Flint, MI., murder capital of the U.S. He is listed as homicide #24,which does not even begin to tell anything about him as a man. His life’s goals,dreams,ambitions. My son, our brother,grandson,nephew & friend did not die alone that night a huge part of us went with him. This legal system is a travesty. Every time I speak to the Detective is like speaking to a recording. No, nothing new..Please Detec tive get your ass up & try to put yourself in my place, treat this as if it were your loved one. I guarantee it would have been resolved way before now.

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