Should grieving be addressed by society?

Should dealing with loss be something we talk about more openly as a society? For some reason, we regulate all aspects of that conversation to religion; and that’s fine if that works for you. But the more and more I look at it I realize we can’t live our lives on our knees. But how do we create a plan? How do we create a program when no one knows an across the board way to deal with grief?

I don’t know how it would happen. The first thing in my head was some sort of “Compassion” class – but I laughed that off when I said it. And even then something like that would only benefit how we interact with people who are grieving.

I guess the heart of my argument goes back to an idea of values. I don’t think that anyone from an education standpoint should really teach what is right and what is wrong; but when there are not any world-wide status quo’s in regards to the subject, it leaves society open to things like violence.

America has a Bill of Rights, should the world have a set of humanistic truths?

I think I’m getting off topic. The point of this little check in is to openly ponder if some sort of way to help the grieving – outside of pumping them with medicines and telling them to cling to their respective crosses – overcome, or at least deal with, the influx of emotions they encounter on a day to day basis.

Any suggestions?

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