The Start of Fundraising

Hi guys. After a bit of a talk today Lori and I have decided to start planning for a event in Albuquerque on July 28, 2013. While the schedule is totally up in the air at this time, we do need to start thinking about fundraising. This is what we came up with:

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We got such an encouraging response for our T-Shirts last year that we want to sell them to the public to raise revenue for the event. But before we go buying out fruit of the loom we need to figure out who would actually buy them.

Inside the album there are two photos. One with just RHV and the year and another one that we will customize to whatever you say. Go look at the photos, figure out which one you LIKE and then LIKE the picture. Easy right?

Also, if you could comment with what sizes you would need and what you would reasonable pay for them it will help us out alot in the long run.

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