POMC National Day of Remembrance

Our love and support goes out to all the parents remembering their loved ones today.

Hi guys! Long time no update. Today is a very special day for a large portion of our website. Today is the Parents of Murdered Children’s (POMC) National Day of Remembrance. POMC is a nation-wide organization that offers support to the survivors of homicide victims (kind of what we do, but in person and on a much more extensive scale).

Today they are having nation-wide memorials and are encouraging all their members to do their own tributes to their loved ones.

Since so much of our like base are Parents of Murdered Children we wanted to say how much we love and think about all of you. RHV is happy we can be a place online where you can vent to people going through the same situations. We will continue to post various tributes and resources, and as always we will do whatever we can to help you find the resources in your community if you need more consistant support.

I encouraged it on the Facebook page, but i will say it here as well; post your tributes on the site today! i will periodically be updating and i will do my best to share whatever is posted.

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