Links, Video and Memorials; Oh My!

Do you fear you will be the only one that remembers your loved one’s smile, laugh, or heart?

Hi RHV followers! How are you? I dare say you all deserve an update.

On my front, things have been quite busy. I am beginning college (for the third time, i should say beginning my new college) on the fifth and my past week or so has been getting ready for that, helping out family members, and trying to get back into a feel for writing. I’m very happy with my writing. I have written a thousand words a day for the past two weeks. Building up my physical and linguistic dexterity is something i have been trying to do deliberately. I plan on working for the school newspaper this upcoming semester.

From what I’ve been told Lorraine is doing well. As the majority of you know she moved to Georgia with her boyfriend and they have created a life together. She started working there last week (Kobe and Casey started daycare too!).

I’ve been working on new ways to utilize the Facebook page. We have been posting photos, videos and other types of links fairly consistantly. Figuring out how to make those things beneficial to all of you is always the greatest challenge. It’s something i strive to get better at daily – because all of you deserve it.

The wall just keeps growing, doesn’t it? Please know we sometimes have trouble downloading pictures from the site. If we miss your loved one, it is not intentional – let us know and we will work hard to right the issue.

One thing that i am proud of lately is the phrase, “Like to remember, Comment to care, Share to spread their story!” we utilize in posts. I think it seperates us from other pages and creates a stabilized bond in our community of grievers. The bind of our stories will one day create a voice against violence in the community.

I think that is the most important thing for us to keep doing at this time. We have to keep our lines of communication open – we need to be the platform for all of you to stand and tell the story of your loved one.If you can tell your story, then maybe history will have a lower chance of repeating itself.

We have had alot of people who are new to the site and i am unsure how many people know of the Remembering Our Loved Ones Section. If you want me to write a memorial for your loved one, be sure to message me on the facebook page and we can get into the details there. People typically do one of two things: they write their own account of the story, or they let me know the details and i tell the story in the fashion of a news article.

What else? We really want to highlight the memorials you are doing for your loved ones. If you have a memorial in your house, take a picture of it and share it with us! Invite us to remember what your loved one meant to you. For those of you who are creating facebook events, share them on the page and i will share them with our online family. Let us support you in the times when you need it.

If you need help in your journey, let us know and we will do our best to find you the resources in your community. Whether it iis showing you a support group in or close to your town, or linking you to people who may know a bit more than we do about a particular subject. We want to put you on the path of healing. Whatever that might be.

Well, I think i am going to go back to posting on the main site. I just wanted to check in, show my love for ya’all and make sure everyone is good. Talk to you later RHV fam!

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