I initially wrote the following for the closed group site because some of them were having a rough day. But i figure there may be more of you out there.
A lot of people are missing their loved one’s today. I get it and yet I can never ful…ly understand. I know they all had such a positive and profound impact on your lives and even my deepest sympathies cannot express how earnestly I wish for you all to have them back. But your life cannot become morning what their life never will be. They would never have wanted that. Even on the hard days, try to remember all the joy and positivity they brought into everyone’s world.
There is something I have been spending a lot of time working on lately. I recently found out my grandmother’s cancer had progressed to her vital organs and her prognosis is dim. I being who I am have been spending sometime going through family history in an attempt to encapsulate everything her life was. My grandfather and her were one of those couples who have been married for 50 years, had 7 kids, 20-plus grandkids and litters of ggc’s (great grandkids –idk why I abbreviated it). What my head keeps circling back to is a cliché albeit an appropriate one. They are two turtle doves.
And that is what I think about you and your loved ones regardless of the spot they had in your life (spouse, child, friend, etc). There is a deep bond between the two of you that even life cannot break. This picture sums up my thoughts appropriately. Your loved one is on a hillside somewhere in your afterlife waiting for you, for a time when you can fly together once again.

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