Pre-Car Wash #2 thoughts

Hey guys, how are all of you doing? Tomorrow we leave for Farmington and get ready for the second RHV car wash. I’m excited and anxious and virtually every other word that describes nerves and energy.

The first car wash was such a success financially. We only need a few more gracious donations and we will be able to affoard everything we would like to do at the event – and possibly more.

I think the reasons i have these nerves are two fold. One, i really want to reach the mark we have to hit so we can stop the fundraising. I’m good at grinding and going out there to spread the word, but it’s tasking. I just want to be able to do some good for all of you.

The second reason is a bit more complex. I have to write and deliver speeches that will hopefully accomplish something that leads to a higher awareness of violence in the community.

No pressure, right?

I guess, to turn this into something positive, i will turn to you all. What do you want to see come out of event where there will be local media attention and government officials with the powers to make change in the community present. While i have ideas – which are a seperate series of posts in themselves, i would appreciate any and all suggestions. Send them in.

We leave for Farmington, New Mexico tomorrow afternoon and will have the car wash on Saturday (hopefully we will be there 10-4, at the very least). We would love to see everyone there!!!

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