Is the U.S. Justice system bias towards the victim?

There was a post in the closed group that got me thinking. A woman was talking about her family watching the legal system take every oppurtunity to side with the “Criminal.” This got me thinking; “Does the legal system favor the criminal more than the victim?”

The answer is yes.

Now i understand the logic that goes behind this; no one, including myself, wants to commit an innocent person. The legal system has to exhaust every avenue of the case just to make sure they get it right. But as a family sitting in the courtroom, reliving the tramatic events over and over and over, it has to feel like hell on earth.

The question i’m left with is why don’t we take more steps in the legal proceedings to ratify the wronged? After the merciless slaying of a loved one shouldnt the family get something that doesnt equate to a metaphorical pat on the back with a “Sorry… here are the funeral expenses.” It isn’t just.

But what can the U.S. Justice system do? Create another agency in a political firestorm of too much government? Offer payment in a bankrupt economy? Or is the only answer to be proactive in regards to issue of violence as a whole?

If any of you have the answers; please, comment.

One response to “Is the U.S. Justice system bias towards the victim?

  1. I have become proactive in letting my voice heard… My sister was murdered by her bf– one who was paroled early with no good cause, then he was sent to live in a halfway house,of which he faked a seizure, was transported to hospital and then took off–… I began highlighting the errors made by NJ– the first action to be taken was the repeal of the Early Release Program for parolees– it was signed into law on 5/9/2011—-there was an assemblyman already working on it.. and I jumped in and used my sister as another reason why it should not be allowed…It’s been almost 2 years since her murder- and I still don’t have full answers because of the “investigation” and the possible upcoming trial.. It took a little over a year just to get a grand jury to indict him on charges—- a long, tortuous road. Now, we wait and wait to go to sentencing where he has to plead his guilt or innocence (come on, how many murderers knowingly admit their guilt) so.. we will most likely wait 2 or more years to go to trial. Meanwhile, the criminal, still alive, is in jail.. While jail is no picnic (from what I”m told) he can receive visits from his family, letters and phone calls and get SOME time outside.. My beloved sister– lays in a grave.. how is THIS fair?? he should at least be denied any family contact—–so in response to question. YES… I believe the criminals are favored more than the victims families—-

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