How is it going RHV family? I hope you all had a nice mother’s day weekend! Ours went well. I got to talk with my family at the mother’s day brunch over skype, which was pretty cool.

What is there to talk about? Well, sadly, we have to cancel the Pancake Breakfast on Saturday. We were having so much trouble getting tickets and servers to help that we figured it would be best to cancel and concentrate our efforts on getting another car wash.

I can’t believe the event is less than 2.5 months away. It’s going by so quick. Soon I am going to be back in Massachusetts and Lori and the kids will be getting ready to move down south. If the event in July goes well, maybe we can do something on the east coast next year.

I do have a feature I am working on today. Look back later for “How to set up a memorial.” Books we’ve read and people we have talked to says having the little area in the house or the yard where you can go and “be with” your loved one can be very therapeutic. I’m going to start working on that after this.

As of right now I have two people in my inbox that want stories written about their loved ones. Hopefully I will be able to work on those tonight.

What else? Hmmm. Oh! If you know of anyone that is a CPA who has experience filling out 501c3’s we need their help! We have to get that done quickly so we can get our tax exempt status. That will allow us to go to organizations and have an increased chance of getting donations.

Of course, if you are having trouble dealing with the loss of your loved one please talk to us! We are all in this together. We now have close to 800 members. Kinda crazy huh? I remember when we were stuck below 100 for the longest time. We aren’t growing crazy like some of the sites out there, but what we have a lot of quality in our likes and we appreciate every single one of you. And we really hope we help on a daily basis.

Ok guys I have a lot of things I have to write so I am going to cut this short here. Have a great day RHV family. I will see you all on the group/main pages.

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