How to make your memorial tribute!

Here is a photo of Lori’s tribute to Andrae.

For a little while I have toyed with the idea of writing about this. A lot of the people I’ve talked to say that having a place to go remember your loved one can be very soothing and therapeutic. I guess I don’t get it because I haven’t been affected by this directly.

But, for sake of this article, let’s open up the idea of creating a shrine, tribute or whatever you’d like to call it, somewhere in or outside of your home.

The first step in doing something like this, in my opinion, is being specific to the person. Think about what room in the house your loved one was most them in. Did they love their big screen tv? Were they a great chef in the kitchen? Did they love their backyard? Or were they most at home lying in bed with you? All of those factors need to be considered. Additionally, if there are other people who want to set up a memorial inside of your home, be sure to collaborate on an area in which everyone has access.

The next thing is what you put there. I think, in order to do a fitting tribute, it has to appeal to all the senses. Meaning, there should be things to look at, touch, smell, listen to and taste (maybe cooking their favorite food or snack whenever you decide to spend time there).

Pictures are always a good thing to have and could be a bonding experience for the other people morning your loved one. Make a collage and give every person working with you their own area to display the loved ones photos as they see fit. That way the different lights of which your loved one was viewed are always on display – which kinda makes your loved one even more present in the house.

Smells enhance the other senses and make memories vivid, in my opinion. Candles, an old shirt, or the cologne/perfume they would always wear are a great way to fulfill this sense.

I, personally, am a big fan of things I can touch. I think the way I learn about things come partially via that venue. Naturally, this would be a big part of the way I remember things as well. Nice things to touch can come from a variety of areas. To do this properly, I would look through your life together and try to decipher what the big moments were. Have things at the tribute/shrine/memorial that symbolize those events. If you loved to go to carnivals together, have something you won or bought on display. Like I said, the options are endless.

Things to listen to may be hard for some people to have present. As I have witness the sound of someone’s voice can trigger a very emotional experience. But, if this sounds like a component you would like to add, I would recommend looking through your videos and photos and getting a digital picture frame.

The idea of an outside memorial is kind of cool to me as well – simply because it can be redone year after year. Planting new flowers and new trees will allow a life to continue on. It’s a symbolic gesture that people can easily buy in to taking part.

I posted a couple photos of Lori’s memorial for Andrae to give people some ideas.

SOUND OFF: Have you created a memorial for your loved one? What things did you use? When are the times you spend a lot of time there? Do you ever spend too much time at the memorial you have created?

Post pictures and talk about what the thought process was in creating it on the Facebook page!

2 responses to “How to make your memorial tribute!

  1. I turned my daughters old bedroom into my office. My 32day old granddaughter was killed by her father in that room. My desk sits exactly where her crib was. I painted the walls a gray color with black furniture and red accents. I have on the wall in front of my desk my late granddaughter’s tiny Foot and hand prints framed that the hospital nurses made for us right before she died. It is framed and had this written on the paper. “Footprints” “how very softly you tiptoed into my world. Almost silently , only a moment you stayed. But what an imprint your footsteps have left upon my heart. I also have on that wall I ❤ MY GRANDBABIES in bright neon felt letters. Each of my grandbabies have their handprints in bright paint around Amelia's. On the opposite wall I have their parents, my children's handprints in their same colors with I<3 MY FAMILY IN whithe painted wood letters and the ❤ is Red. I have pictures of my entire family all over that wall. I have a collage of Amelias pictures on the opposite wall beside a bookshelf that holds some of her baby things, all kinds of memory things that are special to me. I created this space for myself to do my POMC work and my homework asi am pursuing my bachelor's degree in Human Services with a focus on child and family welfare. What happened to Amelia and my family should not happen. And the birth and loss of our little tiny precious peanut Angel is my inspiration to succeed in school and do my best to make a difference in this violent world we live in I will try to post pictures but they are on my iPhone so ill try to figure it out. Thanks for the opportunity to Share my beautiful story of my little guardian Angel's short but highly impact u've time on this earth. Please pray for Justice for Amelia in 2013, as we will be starting the trial to convict her father in December.

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