For Mother’s Day

A letter to all those Mothers grieving on Mother’s Day:


To all the Mothers, moms, mommies and other women with two names; I have no clue what it is like to lose your angel. It has to be an unbearable pain unlike any other. Today is a day for you.

In life, we accentuate the negatives: our coffee was cold, broke a heel, gas is too high. We never take the time to look at the other side. Some may say there is no other side to what this is like. What is good from the death of my child? Nothing. There isn’t a thing that is right about any of this.

So how do you live with it? How do you make things livable, at the very least?

It’s a fluid process.

I think the best way to remember them on May 13 is to think of them the way they would have liked to been thought of. Remember what made them your child – not what took them away.

Did your kid like sports? Make sure there is a sports game on throughout the day. Was your kid a musician? Make sure the songs they would blare in their room are played throughout the day. The point of this is to remember your child for everything they were not all the potential life they lost.

I know Sunday is a hard day for everyone, but the other members of your family will be there to get you through it. Confide and take solace in their presence. They are there to celebrate the value you have in their lives and the things you hold so dearly.


Have an excellent Mother’s Day.


-Nick of RHV

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