A whole mess of junk (updates/ramblings)

Sorry for the lack of updates the past couple of days. I’ve finally recovered from my post-car wash maladies and feel comfortable to get back on the sites in full-force.

We are still waiting on a number from Chilis regarding how the give back night went. The manager said they didn’t get a big number of fliers turned in so I am expecting a low number.

We just received the fliers for the Applebee’s Pancake breakfast, so we can start selling them! Tickets are $5 and $3 of that gets sent to us! If you want to come, contact either myself or Lori.

What else? It’s been a bit of a weird period. We had our first fund raiser, and that went well, then we had our second fund raiser, which we under performed. The site gets bigger daily. I remember in the middle of March we were just barely reaching 400-500, now we have more than 700 likes and a reach of close to 30k when we have a good week. It’s a little exhausting, honestly. But the more I talk about it with people the more I realize how important what we are doing actually is and how much we mean to people. So I soldier on; mainly because you don’t get a break.

I’ve been thinking a lot about life lately and the different things we experience in it. My Grandma (we call her nana) was recently given a timetable for her cancer and, while I’m a couple thousand miles away from the main body of my family, I’ve been watching their reactions over social media.

(TANGNET: It’s amazing how Facebook has changed in that instance alone. I remember when I first got on Facebook in 2005 – no one was on it. Like no one. It was me and the friends I had at the university. It was mainly people yelling about how intoxicated they were).

I’ve seen the full spectrum of reactions: The “Woe is me,” the “oblivious,” and the “suggestively proactive.” I started comparing the situation to the work we are doing here. What would you do if you had known your loved one was going to die that day and there was no way you could have stopped it? Would you have sat and cried or would you have held them in a loving embrace?

My dad and I have been having a lot of those conversations lately because of that. The “What would you want me to do” conversation. Mainly, we focused on his mom; stressing that they shouldn’t put her in the ground before anything happens. They need to cherish her: go to Red Sox games (she likes that), have more family reunions and basically be around each other more.

What I pulled away from those conversations is we live and we die. Those are the two truths in life. The thing we can control is how we do it. And when that control gets taken away from us, like many of the situations we see on the Facebook page daily, the wrongdoers need to be punished swiftly and forcefully. It’s only fair.

Well guys, I hope you all are doing well. I know no day is perfect and the bad days do happen. But your loved ones are at peace and they would want you to still have some sort of happiness in your lives. I think that is an important thing to remember.

I promise I will get on here more. I’m subbing gym next week so my updates/features will most likely be later in the week. And as always, if any of you need us, someone should be on the Facebook main page or the group page. Talk to you later RHV fam!

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