Post car wash thoughts – and updates.

It’s weird the type of extremes I am at today. On one hand, my body is in a lot of pain; the sun really did a number on me at the car wash – especially my feet. Walking this morning has been like rolling around in glass – but solely on my feet.

The other way is how I am feeling emotionally/psychologically. In doing something like these sites/non-profit, it is easy to start feeling down in regards to the society we live in. The news shows constant horrific stories and there are more and more new people posting about their losses and hurt on a daily basis. Some days you get on your knees and wish for everyone’s pain just to stop. That is what made this weekend so special, in my opinion.

I consider the car wash a huge success, fiscally and emotionally.

From a money stand point, we grossed more than $750 for our July memorial event. That is close to 75 percent of what we needed to make. How awesome is that?!

Emotionally, having all these people stop was awesome. Telling them what the cause was for, talking about the nature of our organization and then watching them be so willing to donate or help in any way possible, well it really made me remember why I got involved in this in the first place. I just want to help my friend feel better; which, I think, may have been a factor in all of these people’s lives. Maybe they all had someone they were donating in honor of?

Since this weekend was really successful, my faith in what we are doing has been greatly enhanced. I really believe we can put on the type of event we want and, in turn, have some sort of impact on society.

If you are in the Albuquerque area, come see us on the second at the Chilis on Eubank and Central. Lori or I should be there for the majority of the event and we would love to sit down and talk with you or listen to you tell your story.

One response to “Post car wash thoughts – and updates.

  1. So happy you had such a positive and sucessful event. And yes, at some point you will see the impact of what you are trying to accomplish, reaching out and sharing while getting people to pay attention.
    I hope the news will cover the May 17th dedication of the New Hampshire Murder Victims Memorial in Laconia. Something has been put into the water up here. 22 murders just this year, I may be off in the number but it’s still too many, one is too many. Too frustrating for words. The 410 names that were read at Victims Rights Day service was a powerful thing, and that is just New Hampshire, and only from 2007 to the present.

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