Hiding from family

So, i’m a little mad today.

We’ve created a private group for people uncomfortable sharing on the main  page. I am totally cool with this. the fact that people share is what matters to me.Getting better is on a even course with conversation – sharing your feelings.

Do you have trouble talking to your family?

What bugs me is why they have to go to the private group. Worries of what people, mainly family members, will think force them to deal with their grief in a solidary fashion.

Have we/they learnednothing?

When we lose a family member, shouldn’t we get closer? shouldn’t our bonds to each other tighten? Instead all i have seen are people pushing each other away; they isolate themselves for reasons to numerous to elaborate upon.

Do we need people like this in our lives? Do we need people that make us feel bad for losing a life that was so dear, so invaluable to our lives that we feel an unsurmountable pain in our hearts decades after they leave?

No, we do not. These people are the negative influences our lives do not need. While it may be a morbid thought to some of us, the loss of a loved one can be viewed as a teaching moment; we need to live each life to the fullest because we have such little time on earth with the people we choose to put around us. You have a choice who is in your life. You can choose the people who make you happy; you are not forcible tied to anyone (aside from your children).

The only way we get better is recognizing our hurt, accepting it, valuing it and moving forward with it as a part of our lives. If people can not accept you as a person who will be hurting every now and then in their lives, are they a good person to have in your life? If they were in down and out, would you not comfort them?

You, we all, deserve to be comforted every time we ache, pine and emotionally perish. We are human, we are awesome people and we deserve that.

So post wherever you want. But just do not do it for the wrong reasons. that’s the moral of today’s post.

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