Updates 4/13

What up guys? I hope everyone is doing well. I just went on my 110 minute break (I love being a substitute teacher) and thought i would share a little bit with all y’all.

First off, we have some fundraisers coming up. We are setting up somthing with Chili’s that will go down May 2nd, and something with Applebees that will probably be a week later. I’ll give more info as it comes in!

The most exciting thing out of all of this is we are getting some feedback from people we want to speak. I don’t want to say anything right now, but one of our higher profile partners is very interested in speaking. Once they confirm, i will be sure to break the news here and on facebook.

Untill then, i hope you enjoy these lovely new picture quotes (its what i do during my in-class downtime).

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