The different ways we grieve (part one)

I had an idea last night. As a resource tool, and something interactive for us to do, i wanted to find information on the different ways we grieve. The reason behind it is because im sick of we all grieve in different ways. Because while we all have our differences, we all have our similarities as well. So during this break from teaching, i have turned to google to see what i can find.

The first article that popped up via bing was an ezine article simply entitled “the different ways we grieve.” The article was basic, comparing the ways men, women and children grieve.

According to the article, Men like to express grief through phycial activity. Conversley, women like to converse with one another about how they are feeling. Additionally, the author said that children fall into the same category as men.

This was how alot of the online articles i first found were. While it is interesting to know how the sexes differentiate on grief, i think this is something we already knew as a society. What i am looking for is the different ways we grieve as individuals.

The next thing i found (after refining my search) was interesting, but it was an amazon book preview (so i really couldnt get information). It was a book by Susan A. Berger called “The five ways we grieve.” It was exactly what i wanted to find! Only, i cant look at anything other than the table of contents online.

What i will do is i will list the table of contents, and then i will search for the book after work (i live next to two bookstores). Here are the different ways we grieve (according to the author): There is the Nomad (assumably someone who changes there life and moves on to something new directly after the loss), the Memorialist (probably what alot of us are, someone who memorializes thelife of the departed), the Normalizer (tries hard to keep the normalcy of their life in tact), the Activist (I’m guessing i’d classify into this one – someone who tries to make a change in the world as a result of their loved one’s demise) and the seeker (Which could be open to interpatation). Each of those chapters are around 30 pages long. I’m assuming it is a very interesting read.

Ok, the majority of the searches i’ve found have been things that tie into one of the two things ive talked about. What i am going to do is make this post a two parter. Once i get to read Mrs. Berger’s work, i will come in and talk about the things i have learned.

Untill then, keep the happy memories up front RHV.

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