Some of my favorite NIGHTCAPS!!!!

For those of you new to our site, a nightcap is something we do at the end of the night (obviously). We play a song that we think can be meaningful in some way to a big group of people.

The thing that is cool about nightcaps is the meaning is different to a wide variety of people (much like the picture quotes). If you’re happy, you’ll see the happiness; if you’re sad, you’ll see the beauty.

Now I won’t write the same thing I did for the picture quotes (because I fear the first two paragraphs were moving that way). What I will do is talk about some of my favorite nightcaps (in no particular order).

  • Somewhere over the rainbow – Javier Colon
    • The first season winner of the Voice has a lovely rendition of this classic song online. Sadly, the two clips that are available have defective qualities with them. One has a lot of reverb and the other has the first line or two missing. If you can get past these issues, you will hear a powerful version that will surely move you.
  • I’ll see you when you get there – Coolio
    • I first came aware of this song because of an SNL sketch. But after the parody I quickly fell in love with the original. The song, which starts out like a symphony, evokes feelings of yesteryear, a critic of urban life in America and has spiritual quality that soothes the minds of those thinking “is all this done in vain?”
  • I wish – R. Kelly
    • Another song that appeals to the inner city life style, Kelly speaks his intro and dedicates the song to “everyone in every hood, every city.”
      The song is about man dealing with the external issues life places on him and how they affect his internal self. Much like diddy’s “I’ll be missing you,” “I wish” deals with almost a remorseful feeling; sad to have the success of life without the other person present.
  • Tears in Heaven –Eric Clapton
    • A song you’re sure to find on virtually every grief resource site, “Tears in Heaven” deals with Clapton’s pain of losing his four-year-old son. Between the tremble in his voice and the overly emotional quality of the lyrics there is something in “Tears in Heaven” for every person trying to remember their loved one.
  • On almost any Sunday morning – Counting Crows
    • This song is beautiful. I feel it really depicts the moods of people grieving, even though it really isn’t about that. This is a specific version in which front man Adam Duritz speaks an opening. If there is any song on this list that you should listen to just for the heck of it, this one is it. Click the link.
  • 3am (acoustic) – Matchbox 20
    • This is a special version of the song that is on YouTube. Rob Thomas speaks about his inspiration for writing the song (his mother’s cancer) before playing a very melodic, smooth version of the radio hit that once perpetuated the airways. Give it a listen; it’s hard not to cry with this one.
  • Bad Day – Fuel
    • If I had to rank these songs this would be close to the top. While it really isn’t the right type of song for someone grieving, it is the perfect type of song for someone helping someone through the grieving process.
  • Where you are – Jessica Simpson & Nick Lachey
    • Quick Tangent: Do you remember Newlyweds?
      I think a big portion of the reason we listen to music after a loss of someone is to be able to have a way to describe the longing. That is done very well in this video/song.
  • Nobody knows – The Tony Rich Project
    • This has been a favorite song of mine for a large majority of my life. The song conveys that desperate longing, the regret of the misuse of time, the sheer desire to have love in one’s life once more. My favorite line of this is “I ly awake, it’s a quarter past three; I’m screaming and I never thought you’d hear me.” I find the entire song to be touching on a wide variety of levels.
  • Just feel better – Santana Featuring Steven Tyler
    • I think the title of the song really says a lot. There are days in which we would do anything short of moving heaven and earth just to feel better. I look at this song as a positive song. What do you?

Well, here are ten of the massive amounts of songs we have played on our website. I’m sure there are hundreds more that I could put on this list, but ten is a good number to start with. And as always, if you have a song that is meaningful to you in some way, share your story!

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