Updates 4/3/2012 – Random thoughts

What a busy week it has been. I’ve started a new job and Lori has a friend in town (in addition to switching apartments).

I’ve started working as a substitute teacher for the local school district in town. It has been a very fun experience thus far. I’m in a stage of my life where i need to be doing something fufilling or meaningful, otherwise i have a very hard time caring for it – which is probably why i love writing and working for all of you.

There hasnt been any real developments on the event front. I have a fundraising idea, but i most likely wont pursue it until i get my first paycheck from the new job (we most likely are going to need alot of fliers).

I havent written a feature here in a while, mainly because i havent been witness to any emotional struggles (whether they be in a personal dynamic or over the facebook site). I have a couple filler feature ideas; one is to compile my favorite nightcaps and talk about them. Another is to write about how picture quotes inspires people.

I find myself more perceptive these days – in tune with what others are thinking/feeling. After talking someone through something, do you feel the same way?

One more quick thought before i bid you all adieu. In the work i have done as a substitute teacher the past couple of weeks, i have read alot of safety plans. Actually, in most schools they have a plan dedicated to what to do if a gunman is loose in the school. Each time i read these i am incredibly saddened. School should be on the same level as one’s home. Kids, Parents and Staff should feel as if they are in a safe haven when they enter the four walls of a learning institution. I just think teaching kids ways that are less likely for you to be shot highlights a truth. A truth that states, in some fashion, we are aware of gun violence and recognize we cannot stop it. That, to me, is wrong. If anything, we should be teaching, at a very early age, the benifits of all people.

I could write about that last paragraph for days and i may even turn it into its own post. But i have roughly 30 minutes left before my next class comes in and i still have to find a picture for this. I hope you all have an amazing day. Remember, even if it doesnt get better, it gets easier. We love you all and if you want to talk, go to the facebook site or leave a comment here.


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