Are we indifferent to violence or should we communicate with what we are seeing better?

Are we too violent as a society?

This has been a topic that has really been brewing over in my mind the last couple of days. I love movies, i dont care if they are sappy romantic comedies or high-paced action thrillers. I love them all.

But with all the press around “The Hunger Games,” (THG) and its evident violent themes (let’s be clear, i havent seen the movie so i cannot attest to whether or not it is violent), i’ve begun to wonder if we are indifferent to violence in our community?

I do not want to make this a technical, analytical essay. Let’s be clear, that isn’t what this website is. But, if there is a logical point that hasnt been made, shouldnt we speak up?

While i cannot comment about the messages a movie like THG or video games like the Grand Theft Auto franchise have on the society’s subconcious mind, i, being a writer, can comment on the works of stories like THG or video games in general. What i know is the majority of these things are works of fiction (with the exception of documentaries). They are not real and in most cases are not to be imitated.

The problem i have with the “We are indoctrinated to be violent” argument is good parenting would surely wipe all of that out. Do not let your kids watch obscenity if you believe they will be subject to be repeated. And, once you know they are a certain age and cabable of viewing that type of content, talk to them about it. Ask them how it made them feel.

Movies, video games, television and the internet do not raise your children. You do. If you feel your kids (or other people for that matter) are indifferent to the violent aspects currenlty prevelant in our society you should talk to them.

Communication is key for us to become a peaceful society.

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